MVB Assets

A4 Laminator and Pouch Packet

A4 Laminator plus 40 pouches

2 Person 3 Season Tent

Mont Moondance 2 - available for use by members on club events for free

mont moondance2


  • First Aid Kit
  • Throw ropes x 2
  • Mobile phone


We have 3 Kits  A green coloured kit ( donated by Tracey Barkley )

and a Blue Equip Pro 2 kit and a Red Equip Pro 2 kit purchased from Adventure Gear Albury. Each kit has a Seto Press Snake Bite bandage with instructions

You can view a comprehensive list of the contents of the Pro 2 Kits here

LINK to SetoPress bandage instructions

Also there is a list of the contents of each kit and an incident report form.


The club encourages leaders to take SPOT on events regardless of whether you anticipate mobile phone coverage or not. You will need to be familiar with it's operations and background and instructions are  available here on the MVB website.

Feel free to contact Peter or Tony to assist you with Spot usage

With Spot, messages and contact details can be changed to suit the event you are on.

Besides the emergency SOS and HELP buttons, we have 2 further buttons

one sends a txt message and or email to any recipient indicating the safe arrival at your camp or vehicle.

The other button can be used to let others know if you are going to be detained for further nights but are fine.

let Tony or Peter know how you want SPOT programmed! Click the image below to go to the FindMeSpot website

SNOW SHOES 3 SETS  with Ski Poles

Different sizes  and they've got a good workout the last 3 snow seasons, thanks to the members who tested them


tubbs snowshoes

Silva Ranger Compass x 2

We have purchased 2 Silva Ranger Compasses.  If a leader wants to use one and is unsure, contact a committee person for directed help.

User Manual available LINK  and a Compass User Guide as per Australian Emergency Services Extract.  Call the Events Coordinator

Garmin E-Trex GPS and Pouch

The club has a GPS for use and will be available for training and all club events


Registering your Intent for Usage of Club Assets

Click here to see who is our current Asset Manager and their contact details

Please communicate with the Asset Manager to seek whereabouts of Club Equipment and register your use.

Always keep the asset manager informed of the condition on return and if any maintenance is needed.

As for the first aid kits, please record any usage with some details and again let the asset manager know, as we need to keep the kits up to date.

If you notice any item in the first Aid kit damaged and or out of date, again please let the asset manager know

Please note that club equipment maybe in the possession of a club leader at any time and its important that we ensure a register of equipment is maintained for the benefit of all members

 Club leaders may click here to access the ASSETS DATABASE worksheet and record usage in the LOANS SHEET