Car Pooling Policy

Where possible transport to and from event start and finish points should be pooled to minimise costs and carbon emissions. In terms of risk management the club deems its members and guests to be most at risk when travelling to and from events - more so than during the event itself. Consequently the leader should advise drivers of known risks in relation to the route to be taken. This may include but not limited to road surface, width and alignment, anticipated travel times, procedures for not losing following vehicles, agreed stopping points, suitability of drivers vehicles. Designated drivers therefore need to be aware of their duty of care to their passengers. Some passengers are prone to car sickness on winding roads which may be prevented by travelling more slowly and taking additional rest stops. Drivers should consider the comfort and security of their passengers on all occasions. Likewise, passengers need to respect the wishes of the driver in whose vehicle they are travelling


The cost of such transport is to be determined by the driver of each vehicle after consulting with the leader and passengers. If there are other costs, such as the resort entry fees at Falls Creek, they are added to this amount to get the total costs to be shared amongst all participants in each vehicle.


Status - Policy Ratified at MVB Inc Committee Meeting held on August 3rd 2012