MVB Leader Training Notes

First published December 1 2014 and updated July 10 2017

This page is designed to keep you as a highly valued leader with MVB Inc. up to date with the latest news, regulations and developments for our hobby. There are heaps of tips and hints to help you get the most out of your experience leading events for our club. Remember that whenever you need assistance interpreting or implementing any of this its only ever a heart beat away in the form of a phone call, text message or email.

Planning the way forward


Murray Valley Bushwalkers Inc recognises the indigenous Australian ownership of the land in which we conduct our activities

We also recognise the Victorian National Parks Association (VNPA) as our initial leadership training weekend in October 2012 was conducted by Tracey-Anne Hooley for which we are indebted - you can read the REPORT OF THIS WEEKEND HERE 

A navigation training event was held in the Warby Ovens NP and led by Mick Webster on Sept 28 2013 - HERE IS THE TRAINING EXERCISE

The second leadership training event was held on November 7 2014 you can read the Report Of This Event Here

A third leading training event is planned for Sat July 15 2017 at Honeyeater Picnic ground Chiltern Mt Pilot NP DETAILS OF THIS EVENT HERE 

Link to report


We come under the umbrella of Bushwalking NSW, in turn under Bushwalking Australia

Follow the above links to take you to their web sites

Frequently Asked Questions about insurance


Event Grading System

An event type and event grade are mandatory components of all MVB events system ie the leader must stipulate what type of activity it is and how hard/far etc it will be

The event grade according to the background information on the clubs website in the event description

The Department of Environment and Primary Industries  ( DEPI ) has developed a more comprehensive system follow the below

Spot Messenger 2

The club has two of these devices and although they are not the latest versions (Spot 3 is) they are still fully functional and supported by Spot

There are good hints on how to use Spot Messenger 2

Take the time to view this page to understand its operation and limitations (very few)

Leader Resources

Resources appropriate to leaders on the website are aggregated under the Program, Leaders path. To see all of these items (and indeed the Leaders menu option at all) you need to be logged in and be a designated leader.  Regarding logging in to the website - you really should make sure your password is remembered by the browser - it saves heaps of keystrokes and time and over the course of a year for example this will amount to a large slab of your time. If you are logged in and dont see the Leaders menu contact Tony

Event Management

As a Leader with MVB or any club,  there are some responsibilities that fall upon us - therefore we should be aware of what is expected of us by the members of our club and visitors.

We are expected to lead in a manner which instills confidence in our members and vistors.

The first step is putting up events on our web site with sufficient information to allow each member and visitor to make a judgment as to their capability to safely and successfully participate in the event. Information in the event should include the distance to be travelled and estimated time frame, difficulty level (with links to the Grading System page and the What to bring pages on the website.

The second step is completing the Events attendance sheet (the Google drive booking form), with emergeny contact info for the participants. Its a key component of our risk management strategy.

Note - re visitors and non financial members - its very "important" for any visitors who have not booked in via the event on the website (and therefore agreed to the risk waiver) to complete and sign a printed acknowledgement of risk form - also known as the Risk Waiver Guest Form. This document is available as part of the booking form on Google Drive which you can access from Program, Leaders menu path on our website.

Thirdly it is always appropiate to carry a SPOT device - the club has two and their location at any time can be found from the Assets document which is also available from the Program, Leaders menu path - you should also carry suitable maps, compass and a GPS unit if available. If you need assistance learning how to use these devices contact Peter or Tony who will be happy to oblige.

Fourthly transport arrangements need to be made - meet where?? and at what time, and if possible, estimated travel time to the start and contribution to travel expenses.

Finally unforseen circunstances can sometime emerge where a published event may need to be cancelled or postponed. Please let the Events Cordinator know asap, as  other suitable arangements may be able to be made such as a substitute leader or location so the event can still proceed.

Event Creation

View a movie created by Tony on how to create events on the clubs website here HTTPS://YOUTU.BE/JSZACRQV4PE

The easiest way by far for everyone concerned is to modify a previous event of yours that has been duplicated for that purpose. Please do not develop an event from scratch even if you have previously done so as this is fraught with issues and almost always ends up creating work for the Event Coordinator.  Working with a duplicate of a properly setup event avoids all these issues.

These are the details that often missed or are incorrect in events made from scratch

  1. Event name not including the event type and degree of difficulty
  2. Your correct contact details (email and phone) - contact tab
  3. Registration enabled and
  4. The correct booking form assigned
  5. An image depicting the event
  6. Links to "Grade" and "What to bring" in the event description

If you have a well documented event with all of these bases covered this event can be duplicated and then edited each time you want to create a new event.

However this can only be done by a website Administrator who is logged in to the backend - but once done will be available to you to edit.

When you log in and select the "Program  - Leaders - My Events" menu path, your duplicated event will be there in an unpublished state.

All you do to create an event then is rename the title and change the short and long description text and the dates. When happy, email the Events Coordinator to tell him/her that the event is ready to be published. This approach saves heaps of time for all concerned and allows the Event Coordinator to review the event before its published. If you login to the front end and go to Program, My Events cannot find an unpublished of yours then let Tony or Peter or Hans know and they will set it up for you asap.

An example of a well documented event



Teamviewer is  FREE software package to download - its purpose is to enable another person remotely show you how to do stuff on your computer!

Once its installed on your pc/notebook and is run  a screen pops up with login number and password

With this info at your disposal you would then call a support person to help you with any issues with your computer software.

You give the support person the login no.. and password and they then log into your computer

Your Display will be duplicated at the other end and what you do is seen by the support and if the support make any moves you will see as well

At this time the support available by Teamviewer is provided by Tony and Peter.

If you would like to test this software out feel free to contact us.


Peter Presutti