Murray Valley Bushwalkers Inc AGM #9 August 21, 2020

President Jan Douglas

MVB acknowledges the traditional owners of the land upon which we travel, explore and are passionate about. We pay our respects to the elders, past and present

I would like to welcome everyone and thank you all from joining in on this our first AGM online.

As we have heard numerous times this year these are unprecedented times.

I ask for everyone's patience while we all learn how to conduct this meeting online. I will try to give the opportunity for discussion at different points during the meeting……so if you have any questions along the way please use the chat function or the raising of the hand ….and you will at some point be given the opportunity to talk. While one person is talking everyone else will be muted so that the person can be heard and echoing is minimised

Location: Due to the Covid 19 restrictions in place, the meeting will be held via video link using Zoom

 The clubs 9th AGM opened at 6-30 pm


 Jan Douglas Tony Marsh  Alison Dallinger Peter Presutti  Di Ross
 Barb Williams Michael Courtney  Anne Hopkins Jennifer Geer  Claire Sandford
 Sean Parker Judy Lafferty Iris Joss Juanita Baron Sharon Roberts
Judy Brooke  Gayle Angel Jennifer Geer Graham Bugbird  Steven Gulliford
 Liz Parish        


Michelle Wilkinson. Carmen Huser, Neil Brown, Marie Rule, Michelle Crofts

Reports of the activities of the association


Held August 16, 2019 were reviewed 

Motion that the Minutes be accepted as a true record of the last AGM

Confirmed:        Liz Parish    Seconded:  Alison Dallinger

Motion carried

Presidents report - Jan Douglas

 What an interesting 12 months it has been!

  1. A number of members went tripping around Scotland. Monday and Tuesday walks were well attended as well as weekend walks.

  2. XC skiing and snowshoeing events.

  3. Hans’s memorial weekend was a great success once again.

  4. Multi days walks included the Great Ocean Walk, 3 capes in Tassie and another group explored other areas in Tassie including Mt Ossa.

  5. Then of course our canoeing program which again was a great success.

  6. The club again supported the Upper Kiewa Valley Lions Club Mt Bogong Conquestathon and a Bunnings BBQ fundraiser was held.

  7. But we also had the horrific bushfires over summer that impacted a number of our members and devastated vast areas of this beautiful country. Then just as the clean up got under way COVID hit …..restrictions came into force and activities were cancelled. 


I would like to thank all leaders who continue to adapt to the ever changing guidelines...their flexibility and commitment to MVB is greatly appreciated. MVB wouldn’t function without leaders, so I would encourage anyone who would like to lead walks to talk to any of the committee members or current leaders.


COVID has changed so much of what most of us have taken for granted.

Thank you to all members who continue to support and have stayed connected to MVB through these challenging times.

So just on COVID I would like to remind everyone to continue to follow all Government guidelines..the club statement can be found under the “Open for Business” tab on the website.

This year again Tony Marsh has given up so much of his time to manage the MVB website it is a huge job. This will be Tony’s 10th year in the role. His expertise and advice are priceless. So on behalf of all members I would like to take this opportunity to thank Tony for the many hours he has committed to the MVB website…….but sorry Tony no replacement has been found so please no retirement yet.

Gayle has served 3 years as treasurer so according to the constitution has to stand down from that role. Thank you Gayle..job well done. Thank you also to Juanita Barron, Di Ryan and Ayu ODonnell. Who are coming off the committee. Thank you to all the committee for your support this past year. Stay safe everyone .



Motion: That the Presidents report be accepted - moved  tony marsh  seconded gayle angel


Treasurers Report – Gayle Angel

 Hume Bank Balance as at August 20 2020 is $15,199.18

Paypal Balance as at August 2020 is $508.18






Motion: That the treasurers report be accepted as true and accurate Moved   Gayle Angel Seconded  Diane Ross

Membership Report - JAN DOUGLAS

Current membership is 130




Family of 4 Membership


Member of Family of 4


Family of 3 Membership


Member of Family of 3


Family of 2 Membership


Member of Family of 2


Single Membership




Membership system works well when members log in to renew. Paypal  continues to make payments easy to process. Tony has done a lot of work the past 12 months to try to simplify the membership system. I will leave that to Tony to update.

If all members would please check that all their details are correct on their profile and update if needed .This is particularly important due to COVID guidelines.  Then advise  so our records can be updated. Thank you

subscription payments Statistics for the period August 16, 2019 to August 21, 2020 

This years statisitic in bold and previous years statistics in brackets

Number of subscription payments received ...98 (112) (119) (95)

Number of subscription payments received by Paypal ...52  (71)(75) (58)

Value of subscription payments received by Paypal ....2075  ($3064)  ($3169) ($2398)

Value of subscription payments received by Offline ....1880  ($3064)  ($3169) ($2398)

Total of subscription payments received .... 3955 ($4668) ($4968) ($3794)

Website report  - Tony Marsh

The website goes into its 10th year with the same software platform from day 1 in July 2011 ie the free open source content management system called Joomla, a server based in Singapore and a series of paid for extensions created by teams of programmers in Switzerland, Romania and the US - for full details of all the software used on the MVB website go to the Aug 18 2017 AGM 

The ongoing issue identified at last years AGM to simplify membership / event registration procedures and merge the two operations which are currently carried out on the clubs website (new memberships and renewals) and  Google drive (event registration). This remain in progress. However I have made good progress and have resolved the number 1 issue of a solid reliable exchange of data between the two systems.

The clubs Facebook group is open to the public and has  313 (264) (227) members many of whom are not MVB members -  similarly there are MVB members who don't use Facebook. Facebook privacy policy and social media policy are available on the club's website under the Policy menu item.

Event management - Judy Brooke and Juanita Barron

Data Collected in the 2019 / 2020 Financial Year in bold (the previous four years figures in brackets)

Please note that during this year the number of events has been affected by the government rules and restrictions relating to the Covid 19 pandemic. 


Events for the last year have been dramatically impacted by the hot weather, smoke from wide spread bush fires in late 2019 early 2020 and restrictions placed on all with COVID since March 2020. However, the enthusiasm of members was not diminished. Twenty members volunteered to lead the events and they should be thanked for their valued contributions.

722 individuals participated in 130 events. This has been broken down as follows:  

Event Category Number of Events Number of Participants
Half day walk 59 291
Evening Canoe 13 124
Cycling 6 12
Canoeing 5 35
Day walk 6 32
Meeting 6 35
Snowshoeing 6 25
Social 6 84
Backpacking 5 23
Cross country ski 4 10
Car Camp 3 15
Training 3 8
Orienteering 2 7
Extended walks 1 3
Fundraising 1 10
Multitype 1 8
  130 (206) (159) (144) (116) 722 (1274) (1186) (1081) (851)

 A roster for both Evening Canoeing and the Monday and Tuesday walks was adopted. This has the thumbs up by the Leaders as it shares around the “workload”.  The roster does not mean that others cannot put up an event, members are encouraged to become Leaders and submit events.

I would personally like to thank in particular Tony Marsh and the outgoing committee  for their warm welcome and continuing support and encouragement.

Judy Brooke – Events Co-Ordinator

For a club of our size to engage our members 722 times over 130 events in a 12 month period given the traumatic circumstances is truly amazing! 

Our event management practices are without doubt the way we achieve this

Contrary to way most clubs operate our leaders are empowered to publish new events before messaging the Events Coordinator that a new event has been created - this makes it easy for the coordinator to review  the event and approve, unpublish or suggest changes.

This gets events up on the program very quickly - but most importantly it provides quality assurance of the clubs program of events

Club fund raisING - the Bunnings Sunday morning sausage sizzle and the Bogong Conquestathon are both usually lucrative fund raising activities. However the Bunnings BBQ could not proceed in May due to the Covid 19 restrictions. Hopefully they will again be available in the future that we wish to continue - volunteers are always welcome

A motion was put that the reports as tabled be accepted Move by judy brooke and seconded by alison dallinger motion carried


MVB Assets- Iris Joss

MVB Assets list Aug 2020

Election of office bearers and ordinary members of the committee

The number of committee members required is 9 positions as required by our club rules because of the number of financial members as at Jan 1 2020 - a total of 12 nominations were received three of which have withdrawn.

Thanks to all for expressing their interest in club management. 

The full list of nominations received can be viewed here (login required)

The executive committee comprises President, Secretary, Treasurer and Events Co-ordinator.


Nominator Nominee Position Proposer Seconder
alison dallinger Jan Douglas President Alison Dallinger Janita Barron
Judy Brooke anne hopkins Treasurer Judy Brooke Jan Douglas
Jan Douglas Alison Dallinger Secretary Jan Douglas Juanita Barron
Tony MarsH Judy Brooke Coordinator Tony Marsh Jenny Marsh
Nominator Nominee Position Proposer Seconder
Judy Brooke Judy Lafferty Committee 1 Judy Brooke Jan Douglas
Tony Marsh Tony Crawford Committee 2 Tony Marsh Peter Presutti
Jan Douglas Iris Joss Committee 3 Jan Douglas Juanita Barron
Jan Douglas Jennifer Geer Committee 4 Jan Douglas Juanita Barron
Judy Brooke di ross Committee 5 Judy Brooke Jan Douglas

Election of all the nominated 2020 Committee members was confirmed by   tony marsh.

A committe of 9 persons was duly elected to manage Murray Valley Bushwalkers for the 2020-2021 period.

Financial Management of the Club with Hume Bank

Bank - Hume Account BSB 640 000  Account 111175400

Customer number 588713

The following changes to be made for account signatories and access.

The signatories for the bank account are to be amended in accordance with the change in the committee.  The signatories should be amended as follows:

Current signatories to be retained
395831 Jan E Douglas
578442 John A Marsh

Current signatories to be removed

528261 Pete Presutti
338666 Gayle Angel  - outgoing treasurer
290516 Cheryl McCarten

New signatory to be added
629011 Anne Hopkins - incoming treasurer


It was also decided that Peter Presutti would be the Public Officer for the Club for the next year.

Moved:  Judy Brooke, Seconded Anne Hopkins.

The meeting then closed at 8.30pm


Guest Speaker - LIZETTE SALMON

from Gardens for Wildlife 



 Gardens for Wildlife presentation by Lizette Salmon




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