MVB Committee 2016-17 Meeting #25 Feb 21 2017

Location: Thorneycroft Road, Wodonga

Present: Hans Kaspers, Peter Presutti, Jenny Marsh, Jan Douglas, Michelle Crofts, Rowena Smith, Cheryl McCarten and guest Tony Marsh

Apologies: Nil

The President Hans Kaspers opened the meeting at 7.25pm

Hans welcomed and thanked the members for attending

Minutes of the previous meeting were read and accepted as correct. Moved by Jen. Seconded by Cheryl

Business Arising

Hans proposed a change to the Constitution:

That in Clause 13. Voting at General Meetings the following shall be added:
e. Postal or electronic ballots.
i) The association may hold a postal or electronic ballot (as the committee determines) to determine any issue or proposal (other than an appeal under Clause 16).

ii) A postal or electronic ballot is to be conducted in accordance with Schedule 3 to the Regulation.

A special general meeting or AGM is required to accept the proposed constitution changes and notification to be sent to all financial members. Changes to be sent directly after the meeting to the Department of Fair Trading at no cost.

Correspondence In
Peter advised there were numerous emails coming from various sources.

Some from Wodonga Council advising of meetings or fund raising workshops and grants etc.

Others from Bushwalking NSW re Sydney trip and Take a walk adventure.

Peter proposed that: The Secretary filter out any spam. Moved by Peter, Seconded by Jan motion carried

Presidents report – Hans Kaspers

Hans advised he will not put on any walks for the first two weeks in March as he has jury duty.

Treasurers Report – presented by Peter Presutti

Peter submitted the Profit and Loss and Trial Balance reports.

mvb profit loss feb20 2017

balance sheet feb20 2017
A profit of $768.00
There is $9,852.87 in the Hume Permanent account and $243.25 in the Pay Pal account.
The club also has an asset inventory of $3,200.

Payments for $70 telephone recharge and $60 for QuickBooks.
Credit on the Corryong phone is $258.30 and should be transferred to the Albury phone which has a balance of $162.57.
Jan to take possession of the Corryong phone as Iris has moved from Corryong to Albury.
Hans to supply a 240v power plug as Michelle had been using her own charger for the phone.

Motion: That the treasurers report be accepted Moved by Peter and Seconded by Jenny.- motion was carried

Membership Report

As of Feb 21 there are currently 122 members 82 females and 41 males

Events report – Michelle Crofts
Michelle advised everything was going along quite well.

Hans to send emails to advise Michelle of any new events.

Michelle to follow up and act on any unpublished events.

Tony to check and try and resolve issue with events participants responding to a message sent by the leader to all participantson going to Michelle rather than the leader

Website report - Tony
The website continues to be a major focus of club functions.

We have been running the same system for membership management, event management, online forms, email, security and media with a Joomla Content Management System for 6 years now. All components have been constantly updated and functionality and reliability have matured considerably. The only real change has been the move to hosting with Digital Ocean rather than Fluccs and this has provent to a good call. A backup is done weekly by the system but it needs to be done more regularly if the site has been busy. So for example if several events are put up or reports written please let Tony and Peter know that a backup needs to be done (Digital Ocean refers to these as Snapshots). If the site has to be restored - and it has many times - we end up reverting to whatever state it was in when the last backup or snapshot was taken.

Response rates for the bulletin emails are disappointing (33% to 50% actually open the email sent) and Tony is looking for options to improve response. The bulletin creation system needs to be simplified and we may decided to use a link to the event program instead of copying and pasting the event listing

General Business

Peter proposed to set fixed Committee meeting dates for the year – the 2nd Tuesday every quarter. Eg 21 Feb, 9th May & 11th July. There should be 3 general meetings and 1 AGM.

Hans suggested a table tennis event at the end of March, possibly Friday the 24th. $5.00 per night and bring a plate for a shared supper.

Leaders Meetings & Leader Training.

Pete suggested a weekend training using compasses, GPS, maps and spot devices in the bush, possibly White Box walking track in Chiltern. Pete to organise the event.

Jan asked how to best handle unfinancial members on events. Unfinancial members must join events as guests because of insurance issues - without the guest acknowledgement of risk decleration non financial members are not covered by our clubs insurance.

Motion: Jen moved that members who are unfinancial must register for events as guests and pay a temporary fee as this is required by the Club’s insurance. Seconded by Pete.Motion carried.

Tony discussed possible website strategies to ensure that unfinancial members are unable to register for an event as a member. To achieve this would require members to be logged in to book into an event. Unfinancial members could easily have their login rights suspended. They would then have to register as a guest to participate in an event. Tony proposed trialling this strategy on a copy of the website for development purposes but no decision made at this stage.

Hans suggested a Membership Card for financial members.

Jan suggested paying off membership fees as a method that could be supported eg $10 per week for 4 weeks.

Tony said Barb Williams husband was supplying transport by carrying up packs on her upcoming Burrowa Pine Mountain event. Laurie has be registered to be covered by the club insurance and has paid a $20 guest fee.Tony advised that by registering alone without paying the guest fee Laurie would be covered by our clubs insurance. Given that Laurie is contributing his own vehicle for transporting packs a motion was put that by Jan and seconded by Peter that the $20 insurance payment made by Laurie should be refunded. Motion was carried

Barb Williams had also sought clarification on the status of members of the Friends of Upper Murray Parks participating in MVB events - it was agreed that they would need to register as guests for club events but that the $10 guest fee would be waived

Tony to follow up on the possibility of relocating the March weekend paddle event from Neil’s Bend to Jingellic or Walwa camping ground.

Tony advised software purchase for website JCE is $35 per year.

Calendars made $1320 and cost $800. Next year calendar numbers to be cut from 100 to 50 and should be prepaid in advance. Calendars to be picked up from canoeing events to save on postage.

Tony asked ‘do we need to ring people a week after they become unfinancial’. Jan to follow up.

The meeting was closed at 8.50pm and Michelle was thanked for hosting the meeting and ordering the pizzas.