MVB Committee 2016-17 Meeting #26 May 7 2017

Committee Meeting 7 May 2017

Venue:  Thorneycroft Street, Wodonga

Attendance:   Hans, Jenny, Ro, Jan, Peter, Michelle, Cheryl & guest Tony.

Hans opened the meeting at 6.50pm

All committee members were present and agreed they all had read the previous committee meeting reports.

Moved Jenny, seconded Jan motion carried

General Business

It was noted that at times, Leaders are unsure if members are financial when booking into events.

The option of a membership card was brought up and also financial status can also be displayed on a phone simply by accessing and logging into the website. 

The phone could also be used if there are any discounts available to club members.  At the moment we dont have any formal arrangements with any retailers for offering discounts to members. But that shouldnt stop people asking - but ultimately any discounts are at the discretion of shop proprietors.

We have a number of  people (about 35 as at June 4 2017) who have registered online either for an event or just have registered for the sake of it - but have not joined the club - the question was raised as to whether they should be contacted by committee members to promote joining the club? No decision was made.

Tony and Peter suggested that the booking procedures for events could be configured so that non-financial members when entering a booking on the website are required to book in as a guest and not a member - but this would require logging in by all members.

Tony advised a revised MVB website could force people to log in when joining events. He will look into using a mirror MVB website to test and see if this is a viable procedure.

Jan to get phone lead from Iris.

Correspondence In

  1. Insurance report to allocate funds
  2. Letter from ATO re ABN number – Jenny advised the ATO needs more information.  Peter to follow up.
  3. Correspondence received by Hans – Invite to the new release of the latest edition of Along the Bush Tracks Thursday 25th May 7.30pm (Banff Film Night). Hans to attend and hand out MVB business cards. Peter to order another 100 cards.
  4. Email from Spot noting increased cost from $160 to $218 which is due in July. An alternative is  to buy a PLB that doesnt have an annual fee. Tracking is part of the package with Spot Generation 3 for approx $400. Tony/Peter to research possibility of selling Spot 2 to replace it with a Spot 3 -

Treasurers Report

Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet Reports  submitted.

Hume Permanent Balance $9,972.89, Paypal balance $644.35 and inventory assets $800.00

mvb balance sheet may8 2017

That the treasurer's report be accepted Moved by Cheryl. Seconded by Jan.motion carried

Jenny suggested $500 be transferred to the Hume Permanent account.

Tony advised some similar clubs are running at a loss and have negative bank balances.

Membership Report

Submitted by Jan – 117 Members 76 female & 41 males.  Expired members 20 and 4 new members.

General Business

First Aid Course – Peter noted a member requested a subsidy for a first aid course via an online form on the website.

St Johns has first aid course for $160 plus for $30 CPR. St Johns also has a $30 online Theory course

Motion: A cap of up to 50% of cost to be granted to members/leaders to subsidise first aid courses - moved Michelle and seconded by Ro

Motion carried

Jan also suggested we should assist members to do a wilderness first aide course.

Payment to be made to member on receipt of payment.

Tony to do a basic first aide course at St Johns online to be able to report on course quality.

Pete to respond to Shannon re first aid course.

General discussion of future committee members was brought up and a general invitation for interest in the MVB committee to be put up on the website.

Hans suggested another night out for the AGM meeting but it was decided that AGM meeting to be held on Friday the 18th August (possibly at the SAC on the Causeway if available).

Hans to look into a Table Tennis Christmas in July.

Leaders Meeting 27th May

Next meeting Tuesday 11th July

Meeting closed 8.05pm