MVB Committee 2016-17 Meeting #27 July 18 2017

MVB Committee Meeting 18 July 2017

Location: Thorneycroft Road, Wodonga

Present:  Jan Douglas, Peter Presutti, Michelle Crofts, Ro Smith, Cheryl McCarten Guests Dianne Ross, Prue Quick, Tony Marsh, Mark Withers and Kathleen Withers

Apologies:  Hans Kaspers and Jenny Marsh

Jan Douglas opened the meeting at 7.00pm

Jan welcomed and thanked the members and guests for attending

Minutes of the previous meetings were read and accepted as correct. Moved by Michelle Seconded by Ro motion carried

Business Arising

Pete’s email regarding shared cost for a first aid course - yet to receive a reply from the member re this enquiry

Members appear to have no issues with logging in to the website to book into events. Non-members must also log in to book in for an event and this requires registering on our site first.

Mark suggested we consider a month’s leeway for non-financial members to renew their membership with the club after which they could have their login rights revoked - not adopted at this point.

A $2 gold coin donation approved for some functions (ie guests to Christmas party)

Pete advised the MVB acknowledgement of risk form needed to be signed by non financial members and visitors/guests who also need to pay $10 to cover insurance risks.  This $10 could potentially be taken off joining fees.

Letter to the ATO re ABN number. Pete responded  – No need to follow up

Tony and Hans attended the Along the Bush Tracks meeting and handed out MVB club business cards.  Pete to order 100 more cards.

Spot safety device and the subscription of $244.77 to be carried over to general business.

Treasurers Report –Read by Pete.  Balances as at 17 July 2017.

Hume Permanent $9,972.89,Pay Pal $1,150.09 and Inventory of Assets $800.00 Total assets $11,922.98

Ro suggested money should be transferred from Pay Pal to the Hume Permanent at a regular basis at the treasurer’s discretion.

Balance sheet and Profit and Loss Reports were submitted.

MVB Balance Sheet July 2017

MVB Profit and Loss July 2017

Pete has enabled MVB to use Quickbooks on-line for $5 per month, $60 per year.

Payments ratified for payment for website expenses: Tony $259.32 and Pete $244.77 for Spot registration renewal.

Our Insurance bill for 2017-18 is $1,623.24.  There is a limit of $500 per transfer. Cheryl signed a Hume Bank withdrawal for the transfer.

MOTION: That the treasurer's report be accepted Moved:  Michelle     Seconded Ro - the motion was carried

Mobile Phones – Our 2 mobile phones have massive amounts of credit.

Local phone $221.96 expiring 15/3/18.  Corryong phone $228.30 expiring 13/1/18

Mark asked if we need mobile phones.  Michelle advised it is advisable to have a phone for canoeing so that leaders dont have to take their own

Members should not have to take personal phones.  Jan has the canoe phone.

Only one mobile phone is necessary and credit can be transferred to other phones in $10 amounts.

We need to look into transferring credit to other members phones

Motion Pete put a motion to transfer credit to other phones and keep the mobile phones until January.

Moved:  Pete    Seconded:  Jan the motion was carried

Tony still to do the St Johns theory first course on-line.

Correspondence In:

Insurance bill for $1,623.24 to be paid as per Treasurer’s report.

Hume Permanent statement, Newsletters from Bushwalkers NSW and Bushwalking Vic.

Events Report

The recently held leaders training day at Chiltern Mt Pilot NP was a sucess - the snow events are getting great participation rates

The program presents a rich and diverse series of events - social, walks, nature trails, snow events and car camps

Event reports are regularly submitted and can be accessed here

Michelle will compile a list of events and participation numbers for the AGM

Assets Report – Ro the check where all equipment is located

Membership Report

There are currently 118 members 77 females and 41 males

Pete has paid for 108 members $7.15 per member, $3.79 per member and $4.09 personal accident.

There have been 5 new members since last meeting, 7 members have not renewed this year.  Jan to follow up.

All agreed that no follow-up to members who become unfinancial and do not renew. However we need to look at those not joining the club after registering on the website and/or booking into events.Tony indicated there are more than 30 people in that category at the moment.

Mark advised the pistol club do follow up new members not joining the club.

General Business

Agenda for agm

Hans had suggested a change to the constitution to enable electronic as well as postal ballots and the use of technology at committee meetings. It needs to have a motion of motion published on the MVB website and needs to be and in an MVB newsletter 28 days before the AGM

MOTION: Han’s motion was put to the vote of all present and all agreed in favour to have the motion moved.  Moved Jan Douglas Seconded: Michelle the motion was carried.

Notice of Motions To Be Put To Change Section 9 and 13 of the Constitution at the MVB AGM August 18 2017



9 (u) Use of technology at committee meetings

(1) A committee meeting may be held at 2 or more venues using any technology approved by the committee that gives each of the committee’s members a reasonable opportunity to participate.

(2) A committee member who participates in a committee meeting using that technology is taken to be present at the meeting and, if the member votes at the meeting, is taken to have voted in person.


13 (e) Postal or electronic ballots

(1) The association may hold a postal or electronic ballot (as the committee determines) to determine any issue or proposal (other than an appeal under clause 12).

(2) A postal or electronic ballot is to be conducted in accordance with Schedule 3 to the Regulation.

13 (f) Use of technology at general meetings

          (1)  A general meeting may be held at 2 or more venues using any technology approved by the committee that gives each of the association’s members a reasonable                   opportunity to participate.

         (2) A member of an association who participates in a general meeting using that technology is taken to be present at the meeting and, if the member votes at the meeting, is taken to have voted in person.

Pete to go to the Faitrading NSW to lodge the amended constitution after the AGM

Jan advised members need 14 days’ notice for AGM nominees. 7 days before the AGM to be advertised on the website.

We presently have 7 committee members - that will be the case in 2017-18 as well as membership numbers at 1/1/2017 were well below 120 which would require an 8th committee member

Pete advised 2 personal safety Spots cost $250 registration each per year. One is with the canoe kit and the other with the green first aid kit (Tony).

In October, Han’s current president may be going on an extended car camping event and may require a Spot.

A Personal location beacon is $420 and has a lifespan of 10 years and may be another option.

Spot Generation 3 lasts a long time on batteries, is easy to turn on and firmware is upgradeable.

Spot 2 is hard to turn on and is and requires lithium batteries (x3) non rechargable.

Message systems are very similar.

Canoe events - leaders may prefer a PLB.

Motion moved to sell both Spot 2 devices and purchase 1 x Spot 3 and a PLB. Selling price of Spot 2 suggested for members - $80.

Moved:  Michelle     Seconded:  Jan Motion carried

Inreach has the ability to send and receive messages.

Spot is easy to use and useful for dead spots. $244 for Spot

Tony advised the club's GPS does not take maps and suggested we consider a replacement. However it was agreed with the plethora of gps apps available on phones that this may be unnecessary. Pete to research.

Events on Website registration process– all leaders currently have the right to publish their own events - this can be very useful especially for testing that booking in procedures are working properly - leaders can publish for testing purposes but must then unpublish and send an email/text to the coordinator requesting they review and publish the event.  events should stay unpublished until the events co-ordinator QA's and then publishes event

Tony indicated that the events software RSEvents Pro has the capacity to enforce moderation of events ie no event could be published until approved by coordinator

The problem with that is if minor changes need to be made after publication the event is auto unpublished and left in that state until the coordinator re-approves the changes

Mark suggested and Tony agreed that leaders very often need to update and make changes to their events after publication and to have them unpublished would put too much strain on the moderation process.

Tony said another option is to make all leaders administrators (ie able to login to the back end of the website) however that has major website security concerns and is generally desirable to have the minimum number of administrators possible - that is because if an admin's login gets compromised an attacker with admin access can wreak havoc on the website 

MOTION A motion was put by Peter that we leave the current event management procedures unchanged at this stage ie all leaders stilll have capacity to publish their events

Pete moved motion Seconded Jan motion carried

It was noted some leaders need to be reminded to notify the events co-ordinator upon creation of a new event - or when a substantial change has been made..

Peter advised that Hans had noted that in our Community Builder database and our booking form on Google drive some Emergency contacts are on the same event and that a third person emergency contact person is required.  Possibly non club members or non-participating members and 2 emergency contacts are advisable.

Leaders to double check emergency contact details for each booking/event. (Refer Emergency procedure contact policy)

Contact details should be updated when members renew their membership.  Some members do not fill out the Acknowledgement of Risk form when renewing.  A reminder email should be sent to follow up.  This needs to be part of the login/renewal procedure.

Prue recommended renewal procedures should be numbered to make renewal more user friendly.

Mark recommended members should have ambulance cover and a check box for ambulance cover be on the renewal.

Emergency contact details should be displayed prominently on the website with a mobile redirected to a second mobile phone when required.  Pete to follow up.

Jan suggested first meeting after AGM to follow up on Emergency policy.

First aid policies to be revised at a later date.

Tony to follow up on renewing membership for more than one year.

Ro voiced concerns about cash flow if renewals are multiple years.

Pete advised Risk Management form needs to be updated annually.


  • Booked at SACs Friday 6pm 18th August 2017
  • Bring plate to share for supper
  • Slides/videos of places to go. Pete/Hans to put slides together. Pete to do short clips or photos
  • Gold coin donation for use of hall/tea and coffee
  • Publicity and nomination calls and promotion on website today


If 50 calendars are pre-ordered and on the website by October, they will be ordered at a cost of $20.  Images need to be in by 2nd October.

Mark suggested MVB logo should be on each page of the calendar and offered to attempt a new logo for the club.

Leaders need to communicate to assess new members/guests to assess their abilities – perhaps suggest easier walks etc.

Leaders and members are responsible and have a Duty of Care when booking events for themselves and other event members as advised on the Risk Acknowledgement form.  Members should also follow the ‘what to bring’ link when booking in.

Questions to ask guests and new members to assess their capabilities

When and where they have done previous walks

Question previous walks

Gear available

What to bring on an event


Ambulance cover

Medical conditions

First aid training

Leaders need to develop a Spiel before starting each event. Safety procedures, what to bring etc.

Acknowledgement and acceptance of event booking to include medical form to be taken on the event. Form should contain medical information, contact details and any relevant information.  Your leader should be advised you have this information which is confidential and only used if necessary.

Suggestions for future discussion

Check wording for fire ban days

Canoeing – when to cancel – floods etc.

Grade 4 & 5 walks – maybe extra recommendations eg poles, space blanket, whistle

Whistles on all events

AGM 18 August 2017

Next committee meeting October 17th

The meeting was closed at 9.50pm and Michelle was thanked for hosting the meeting and ordering the pizzas.