MVB Committee 2017-18 Meeting #28 October 17 2017

MVB Committee Meeting 17 October 2017

Location: Thorneycroft Road, Wodonga

Present:  Peter Presutti, Dianne Ross, Gayle Angel, Michelle Crofts, Ro Smith, Cheryl McCarten, , Mark Withers Guests  Jan Douglas, Tony Marsh, Kathleen Withers, Ian Angel

Apologies:  Nil

Peter Presutti opened the meeting at 7.00pm

Peter welcomed and thanked the members and guests for attending

Minutes of the previous meetings were read and accepted as correct. Moved by Michelle Seconded by Ro motion carried

Business Arising from minutes

 Changes in Club Rules in Section 9 and section 13 as voted on at AGM


  • Bushwalking NSW - the Bushwalking Magazine 
  • Marie Maguire BBC 40th Anniversary Celebrations
  • Tony re event management issues
  • Janet Buckton new membership
  • Tony re new procedures for guest registration
  • MVB Calendar 2018 sample from Tony
  • Bushwalking NSW Funding Opportunities
  • Mick Webster re 4wd events
  • Paypal Activity report
  • VNPA Bushwalking Events Sept 2017
  • Club Snowshoe usage
  • Wodonga Council Hills Strategy
  • Bushwalking NSW Insurance Certificates
  • MVB Bulletin#29 Aug 15
  • Spot II for sale
  • MVB Bulletin #128 Aug 6 2017
  • VNPA Bushwalking Events and Activities
  • Friends of NCH events - Michael Mitchell
  • AGM nominations
  • MVB Bulletin #127 July 26 2017
  • Club Logo discussions
  • Event Reports x 2 Jan Douglas - Tony Marsh Peter Presutti Di Ross Iris Joss Peter Presutti
  • Numerous membership renewals
  • Bushwalking NSW Invoice for Insurance
  • Office of Fair Trading


  • Renewal of Club Insurance paid by Peter Presutti $1600
  • Notice of Motion for Changes in Club Rules in Section 9 and section 13 to allow the use of technology at committee meetings to Office of Fair Trading


Treasurers Report – Profit and Loss Statement for period 17 July to 17 October 2017 submitted by Gayle.

 profit and loss statement july to oct2017

president REPORT

First meeting for the new committee
Welcome to the new members Mark, Gayle and Dianne




 Peter Presutti


 Di Ross


 Gayle Angel

Events Co-ordinator

 Mark Withers

Committee Member - Bulletins

 Michelle Crofts

Committee Member 

 Cheryl McCarten

Committee Member - Assets

 Ro Smith

  • Over the past 2 or so months our member Hans, went into hospital for what was to be routine surgery and home in 7 to 10 days, this did not go to plan and Hans still in hospital.   He hopes to be transferred to rehab ward this week.
  • Even Tony had a stay in a Spanish hospital, but after seeing pics of the doctors and nurses, we wonder....
  • Since the last meeting and subsequent AGM our members have enjoyed quite a number of outings, snow,  mountains, some cycling
  • Our web site and booking system is getting used effectively, thanks to Tony for maintaining and enhancing the system as needed.
  • Xmas river party for Dec 10th weekend. 
  • And if Hans is ok, We may have another local Xmas party at the Table Centre15th Dec.  Friday evening.
  • Lots of walk and car camps coming up, including what’s becoming an annual event Tasmania  in Feb 2018

Events Coordinator Report

  •  Hans events have been unpublished at this moment in time
  • Dianne is keeping Mark busy with her ongoing hiking events
  • Members discussed the direction of 4WD events and were keen to keep these events running
  • Due to the increase of wide range of activities the club undertakes, there was the mention of maybe a name change. No decision was made to finalise this


website Report – Tony Marsh

  • Newsletter I believe is something that could easily be taken on board by a member - some training would be required for someone to take on Bulletins. Michelle nominated herself to be newsletter person.
  • Menu system needs an audit/analysis needs to be done and recommendations for simplification made - the number of items needs reduction as its impacting on the proper functioning of the template we are using. Especially on mobile devices
  • Are members covered by overseas Insurance with the club insurance? This needs to be checked.
  • Club Expenses – Tony asked for a change in the process for software and website expense payment. Ideas discussed in ways to improve being reimbursed (2nd PayPal account?). Gayle suggested she could potentially take over some payments to ease problems for Tony with seeking reimbursement
  • Please upload event photos to the club's Flickr site and use the Event reports page as this is the best way to leverage this material for newsletters and website articles 

Membership Report - jan douglas

  • 6 New Members Total financial membership of 126 at October 17 2017
    2nd Emergency Contact is required, example Dianne and Rob (members) if they attend the same event, will need a separate Emergency contact.
  •  Guest / Visitors on Events It was proposed that the first day event be free, however guests will need to pay for equipt hire (canoeing, snowshoes etc).
  •  Days 2 etc will be charged $10.
  • This motion was moved by Peter and seconded by Ro and was carried
  • Tony requested that a flat fee of $10 regardless of a family or an individual be the fee (easier to implement on the website) 
  • Tony agreed to put a system in place as soon as possible to implement these changes and that it be monitored 

General Business

  • 60 calendars to be pre-ordered and on the website by October, they will see at the same cost as last year -$20.  
  • Mark had suggested MVB logo should be on each page of the calendar but this was unable to be implemented this year - perhaps for the 2019 calendar
  • Rough out schedule for the next 3 meetings – looking at Feb, May and July 2018 – Peter to determine dates
  • Members orienteering day. (Map reading) - Night time program to be organised in the Chiltern Forest, date to be advised.
  • Pete will follow up with Dave Pearce more information/pictures on ski equipment for he has for sale
  • The first canoe event and dinner will be November 2 2017, Jan and Michelle will lead event.
  • Peter brought to meeting the new club beacon, purchased for $350.
  • Club Phone – Is there a need for a 2nd phone, we have till February to decide.
  • Car camps –see programs on MVB Website, a number of car camps coming up.
  • New logo for MVB Logo. Some minor adjustments needed before being finalised.

mvb logo oct 2017

  • Office of Sports Local Grants – Tony and Di to submit two funding applications with sport and recreation NSW.- one for the Festival of Walks in Sept 2018 and another to address training needs for leaders and members

The meeting was closed at 9.50pm and Michelle was thanked for hosting the meeting and ordering the pizzas.