MVB Committee 2017-18 - Meeting #29 January 30 2018

MVB Committee Meeting January 30 2018

Location: Thorneycroft Road, Wodonga

Present:  Peter Presutti, Dianne Ross, Gayle Angel, Michelle Crofts, Cheryl McCarten, , Mark Withers Guests  Jan Douglas, Tony Marsh, Kathleen Withers, Ian Angel

Apologies:  Ro Smith

Peter Presutti opened the meeting at 7.00pm

Peter welcomed and thanked the members and guests for attending

Minutes of the previous meetings were read and accepted as correct.

Moved by ?? Seconded by ?? motion carried

Business Arising from minutes



  • ??


  • ??


Treasurers Report – 

 balance sheet as at jan30 2018

profit and loss statement oct2017 to jan30 2018

Motion: That the presidents report be accepted Moved ?? Seconded??

president REPORT

  • ?? 

Events Coordinator Report

  • ??

website Report – Tony Marsh

The Joomla 3.8.5 website continues to deliver the services to our members in regard to subscriptions, event management, event reports and newsletter distribution.

The last couple of newslettes have been delivered using Mail Chimp a free online facility. It seems to have more features than the previous package weve been using - RSMail

Email continues to be the biggest communication shortcoming - so much email ends up in folders or junk that people never even realise they had received.

Membership Report - jan douglas

Membership Numbers 
Total 125
Female 83
Male 42

Note that future reports will include a breakdown by
Guest 1st event free 

Guest paying 

General Business

  • Policy Review - Suggested that we seek help from members to address policies, to be followed up

  • Hans Memorial Walk - 

    Discussed various walks – Nail Can, Mt Buffalo and Chiltern. Majority decided on Mt Buffalo.  

    Also discussed and approved was donation of $100 from MVB towards Hans daughter – Natalie for Relay for life March 2 2018
  • Gino from Adventure Gear is happy to present and talk about new gear at our next Beginner’s night


Leader training weekend, Forest Camp located in top end of the Warby Ranges

Take the Boweya Road off the Wangaratta - Yarrawonga Road. start approx. 10am

Day exercise 1

map reading and navigating to various points on a loop. 

Day exercise 2

Legal and safety requirements for leaders.

Operating and the use of Spot, GPS, In Reach Explorer

Evening navigating, we can be caught out and run out of daylight, or get caught in a white out in the Alpine areas. 

Followed by a sumptuous dinner and fine wine..

This is a car camp weekend; there are Pit toilets and a huge rotunda if we get there first.

  •  New Members Night May 1 2018
  • Committee decided on the next new member night will be 1 May 2018 at the SAC Centre. There was the suggestion to cover basics twice a year – one for summer and one for winter due to the amount of items to cover e.g. tents, sleeping bags, clothes, food, treatment of water etc.

The meeting was closed at 9.50pm and Michelle was thanked for hosting the meeting and ordering the pizzas.

 Beginners Walk and Beginners Backpacking

There is a need for more beginners’ walks and backpacking covering all basic areas. One beginner event has already been posted for November.- Peter and Di

  • When is it too hot to go walking/Back packing


Basically it really depends on person case and what they’re capable of to what events they are capable of taking into factors, age, fitness, adapting to heat etc.

  • Snow Shoe purchase update - Jan is to follow up purchase of Snow shoe through Gino’s store
  • Can we add an item to set an amount of money in Paypal which triggers a bank transfer?

    Gayle is happy to action once a month. We currently have $1069 in paypal much rather see that in the bank earning interest and supporting local Gayle transferred $600 into MVB Hume account for interest earning

  • Donation of ex Upper Murray Ski Club ski/Snow Snoes - Tony will provide photos of shoes
  • Size of Committee to be elected at next AGM Current numbers - as at Jan 1 2018 financial membership was 118 therefore the size of the committee remains at 7 for the AGM August 2018
  • The size of the committee shall be dependent on the total number of members of the club as at the first of January of the year of the AGM: if the membership is less than forty, there shall be a committee of four, for every additional twenty members the size of the committee shall be increased by one until the maximum committee size of 12 is attained.
  • MVB Facebook site issues - acceptable usage guidelines to be considered - suggestion agreed upon to advertise events, will trial one event
  • Bushwalking Australia Insurance FAQ


    Spot/PLB Hire non club events/ Victoria Huts Association
    The club will be joining the Victoria Huts Association, Peter will organise. Approved by Gayle and Di

    First Aid Certificates - Tony
    The committee encouraged leaders to obtain their first aid certificates. MVB Contribute to costs

    Members orienteering day - Di
    Di discussed the Bushwalking Victoria leadership day, which has been posted as an event in April. See event program for more details.

    Club second phone – was there a decision ? -PetePhone will be kept

    Calendar 2018 sales - Gayle See Financial Report

    Merchandise – Tshirts - Di Di to follow up with custom@teejunction for pricing, will provide details in facebook post