MVB Leaders Training 20th Oct 2012

Leadership training

Location: Baranduda

Present: Hans Kaspers, Tony Marsh. Peter Presutti, Jan Douglas, Marie Rule, Neil Brown, Sasho Dillow, Claire Sandford, Lin Starke, Diane Ryan, Jenny Marsh, Cheryl Duncan, Tracey Barkley

Leader Tony Marsh
Start Date: 20.10.2012
Finish Date:21.10.2012
Participants: 13
Distance/Time: 2 days
Rating: Easy
Points of Interest: VNPA bushwalking group
Mobile phone reception: Yes

Event Report:

Murray Valley Bushwalkers Leadership Skills Program Outline 

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Saturday Oct 20

Session 1 9am - 11am - Tony / Neil / Hans / Peter

Overview of clubs Risk Management policies and procedures

Use of the club's SPOT device for tracking and emergency alerts

Usage of Booking Forms and Emergency contacts

Introduction to trip planning with Google Earth

11am to 1pm - travel to Sandy Creek bridge official opening ceremony and return to Baranduda

Session 2 1pm - 2-30pm Tracey-Ann Hooley from the VNPA

Introductions and welcome (30min)

Background to the course - its history and its scope, structure of the day / weekend

Intro from each participant - what they would like to get from the course - icebreaker activity

Why lead? (20min)

Group activity - positives of leading / responsibilities of leading

Most memorable trip (20min)

Individual activity - 60 second challenge. Best trip or worst trip and why.

What could have improved the bad trips?

Break 15 minutes

Session 3 2-45pm to 4pm

Scenarios session one (90min)

Group activity - series of scenarios. Each course participant is a leader in one scenario.

4pm - 5-30 pm Walk at Baranduda / Poletop camera demo for inspecting nestboxes 

6pm BBQ dinner

Evening spotlighting and/or outdoor rec movies

Sunday Oct 21

Session 4 9am to 10-30

'The VNPA way' (30min)

How the VNPA walks program and leadership program is structured (mentoring program, guidelines for leaders, resources etc) including reflections on what works well and what is more challenging. Comparing / sharing ideas with your club - some things you may or may not want to try (and hopefully I can steal some of your good ideas too!)

Scenarios session two (60min)

Group activity - series of scenarios. Each course participant is a leader in one scenario.

Break 15 minues

Session 5 10-45 to 12-15

When things go wrong (15min)

Ideas for further training (15min)

Scenarios session three (60min) Group activity - series of scenarios. Each course participant is a leader in one scenario.

Lunch Break - 12-15 to 1pm

Session 6 1pm to 2pm

Good walk, great walk (20min)

Group activity - what turns a good walk (ride, paddle etc) into a great one?

Wrap up / pack up (20min)

Summing up and thanks - Tony


The training weekend commenced with a 2 hour computer based session in which participants were shown features of the clubs website, booking procedures, risk management and the various policies of the club. Peter presented the Spot GPS tracking device and the Emergency Contact Procedure was discussed.

The group then travelled out to Sandy Creek to attend the official opening of the new cycle bridge.
After lunch Tracey-Ann Hooley conducted training sessions from 1pm to 4pm - we then went for a 1.5 hour walk completing the kiewa Valley/ Leneva valley saddle loop.
A bbq evening meal on saturday was followed by more training activities run by Tracey-Anne on the Sunday and the program finished about 2pm

Tracey-Anne was presented with a gift as thanks for the contribution made to the development of our club..

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The meeting closed at 10pm with no date set for next meeting.