Minutes of MVB leaders meeting 7th Nov 2014

Note:some notes and links updated on July 11 2017

Meeting started at 7pm following a barbecue/shared meal and socialising.

 The leaders

Present: Jan Douglas, Peter Presutti, Lin Starke, Tony Marsh, Ro Smith, Sasho Dillow, Hans Kaspers, Michelle Crofts.

Apologies: Cheryl McCarten, Tony Crawford, Mick Webster, Claire Sandford, Neil Brown, Trevor Potts.

A quick general discussion ensued about achievements for the year highlighted

  1. a cricket match played at the very start of the Murray River, a place where our group members were able to stand astride the trickle of water,
  2. the response to purchasing of snowshoes for the winter months,
  3. the walk in the Flinders ranges and another in the Grampians.
  4. One member went to Port Lincoln and another did a 20km walk out on the Harrington track from Corryong in addition to regular local venues.
  5. We supported the 2014 Bogong Conquestathon for which we received a generous donation.
  6. Incredible continued support for canoeing as evidenced by 6 events already in 2014/15 summer and 25 events held in the summer of 2013/14.
  7. Highlights of canoeing events included an exciting day paddle from Killara on the Kiewa river to Wonga Wetlands. 
  8. Financial membership is currently at 91.
  9. We have a record of participation in every event the club has run since its inception and Tony will undertake to assemble a summary of this information

Insurance Requirements

Business matters started with reviewing the Bushwalking NSW advice in the August newsletter re the “Risk Waiver”. Clearly in the event of an insurance claim as a result of an accident on a club event we need to be able to demonstrate the person or persons involved were covered by our insurance.

MVB has a risk waiver built into the membership system which is renewed annually when subscriptions are paid. This exempts members from signing a risk waiver form for every event.

However a waiver must be signed by all guests at every activity and that forms must be kept for 3 – 4 years. When guests book in through the website event booking procedure they complete the risk waiver. However not all guests book in this way. To accept guests on an event who havent booked in through our website leaders must obtain a signed Risk Waiver hard copy form. This form has been updated and is available as a sheet to print in the Google Drive booking system that all leaders have access to.

In the MVB form for guests it was decided to change the title from “Acknowledgement of Risk” form to “Risk Waiver” and to Add a Tick Box to say “I accept the Risk Waiver”.

Note there is also a sheet in the Google Drive booking form for saving Guest or Visitor information and leaders are encouraged to use this to facilitate contact with guests after the event.

Medical Information Form

The leader is to ask members and guests if they are carrying their medical info and if so where it can be found by others.
Peter’s option is a laminated card. Han’s is a key holder with info tucked inside to be attached where the leader can see it such as on shoe laces. Hans gave Jan a stash of key holders to be distributed to members.

An additional option to consider - if you have a smart phone you can install the app called ICE- use it to setup your personal details

Medical info key tag

Event Creation by Leaders with RSEvents Pro

Peter walked through the details of event creation emphasising that the easiest and most efficient way to create an event is to edit an existing event that has been duplicated by an administrator on the website (currently Peter, Tony, Jan, Hans, Michelle, Di and Mark ). All leaders should have an unpublished duplicated event they were a leader of at all times - this can be found and edited by logging in to the front end of the website and choosing Program, Leaders My Events.

Event duplication is a responsibility of the website administrators as this can only be done in the back end of the website that only administrators have access to. Detailed notes to support this process will be developed. Some discussion ensued regarding display of participant names on event page. Any member who prefers to not have their name displayed is advised to contact the leader directly to book in for the event.

Google Drive Event Participation Management

Google Drive usage is required because unfortunately the software we use on the MVB website (RSEvents Pro and Community Builder)  do not have sufficient functionality for our purpose.

Our purpose is to generate a complete list of all participants, their contact details and emergency contact person information and event status for every event  ie Safely home, Incident Occurred, Event Cancelled. This not only gives us a record of participation but also is a major component of our risk management policy. The event status will be checked by others on the evening of each event so please ensure it is filled out.  Unfortunately maintaining the members worksheet duplicates the membership management on the website but at this stage is unavoidable.

Tips on how to successfully print a list of participants from Google Drive were discussed. Tony also mentioned the Google Drive app which is available for Android and Iphone mobile phones which is much more secure and private than printing multiple copies of member contact details. When these sheets are printed it is incumbent upon leaders to ensure they are not left lying around and are destroyed after the event.

Note that the last column in the Google drive worksheet displays the persons financial membership status. Anyone who is unfinancial should be advised to renew before the event or sign a Risk Waiver form and pay the $10 on the day.

Detailed instructions on Google Drive usage will be developed and distributed to leaders.

Team viewer software

  1. Discussion led by Peter re advantages of team viewer program.
  2. Potential for leaders to contact each other
  3. Use “remote control” to demonstrate how to do computer tasks remotely
  4. Peter and Tony to look further into this.

Late Change of Leader

Leaders are encouraged to consider someone who maybe prepared to be an alternative leader of their event when in planning stage.   In the event of their illness or an emergency it may mean the event wont have to be cancelled.

Mentoring a new leader

MVB currently has no formal policy on mentoring leaders but we need to develop procedures whereby a willing person takes on a leadership role with experienced leader who mentors based on observation and recommendation as the event proceeds. Discussion occurred about approaching potential leaders.

SPOT Personal GPS Tracking Device and Emergency Beacon

Discussion returned to the safety devices and use of “MVBSPOT1 and MVBSPOT 2”
Leaders are encouraged to take SPOT with them on every event

The functions were explained along with physical demonstration of operating keys.
Information that a leader needs to have entered before their event (by Tony or Peter)
•    Activity e.g. Hume Hovell walking track
•    Check in OK message
•    Custom message - eg deciding to stay an extra night and confirm all okay.
•    Help message - not urgent but needing assistance
•    S.O.S. - emergency rescue required

An instance has come up recently that required a search party (not an MVB event). The walkers had decided to go bush without phones or a beacon so could not advise they were okay but had simply chosen to stay an extra night. The ensuing search was unnecessary and presumably embarassing for those involved. 

An SOS message is relayed from spot via USA, Canberra, Local emergency services, then the designated members of the club executive. This is configured in the settings of the profile currently deployed on the Spot in question at the time of the event. It is very important that leaders know who is going to be contacted in the event of an emergency. The Spot profiles are accessed by logging in to the findmespot.com website and applying a profile.    

SPOT can take a while to operate - turning the device on and off requires patience - hold down the on off button until a light flashes
Profiles have been created for areas frequented by MVB
Peter demonstrated the process.

An optional add on to Spot provides live tracking on a website of where the person in possession of SPOT is - only works if SPOT is on while the person is moving. It traces their path and may be a life saver for someone who has been knocked unconscious.
For further information on SPOT access this article on the MVB website

The Events Program

Peter led a general discussion on the program for next year and the events program was screened. Events are up till Aug. 2015. Discussion occurred about balancing the program so it didn’t appear to be weighted in favour of weekend car camps Advice to go on website reminding people they can choose to go for one of the two days, or for the camp.

Members Social Night 21st November 2014

Discussion re feasibility and potential guests numbers being low resulted in a change of format. Lin to cancel Thurgoona Community Centre and Sasho has booked the Ten Pin Bowling venue in Wodonga instead. Peter to email out change to members after Monday, giving Lin and Sasho time to speak to people.

New Event Notifications by Email

Tony, Peter and Hans have been trialling a free alert service at http://blogtrottr.com/ and highly recommend this as a way of being automatically notified by email whenever new events are created.

The meeting closed at 10pm with no date set for next meeting.