Murray Valley Bushwalkers Inc AGM #6 August 18 2017

Desert delicious

Location: Sustainability Community Centre, Lincoln Causeway – (previously Tourist Information Centre)

The clubs 6th AGM opened at 6.15pm

Many thanks to Claire Greenhalgh from the Sustainability Activity Centre for the use of the hall and amenities. The hall was free of charge and milk, tea and coffee were supplied.  Members were asked to bring a plate.

Many thanks to Jan Douglas for stepping up to run this meeting in the absence of the president due to ill health.


Cheryl McCarten Tony Marsh Sasho Dillow Catherine Byrne Di Ross
Chris Squire Michelle Ross Mitchell Ro Smith Jan Douglas
Juanita Barron Mark Withers Kathleen Withers Michael Courntey  

Apologies:  Hans Kaspers, Peter Presutti, Belinda Pearce, Jenny Marsh, Kay Hardie, Ann Hopkins

Reports of the activities of the association

Minutes of the last AGM held August 2016 were read .

Confirmed:  Michelle Crofts             Seconded:  Ro Smith

Presidents report 

On behalf of Hans Jan thanked the club committee, its leaders and members for another highly successful year of the club's operations.

Treasurers Report – cheryl mccarten

 Hume Bank Balance as at August 18 2017 $9,792.00

Paypal Balance as at August 18 2017 $236.69

Assets as at August 18 2017 $3428.00

Reports will be posted her as soon as possible

Events report – Michelle Crofts

 Data Collected in the 2016 / 2017 Financial Year (previous years figures in brackets)

Activity Number of Events Participants
Social - Movies, SS&A, AGM, Xmas Party & Table Tennis 7 (2) 81 (25)
Bike riding 0 (3) 0 (6)
Snow shoeing/skiing 11 (12) 55 (37)
Multi day events backpacking/car camping 19 (13) 134 (84)
Day walks 75 (60) 419 (346)
Evening walks 6 49
Canoeing 26 (26) 343 (309)
TOTALS 144 (116) 1081 (851)

 Membership Report - JAN DOUGLAS

 The membership system contineus to work well with most members logging in to the website and either paying via Paypal or paying offline via funds transfer. This is greatly appreciated as it smooths the way for efifcient management by the membership office. Even offline payments are easier to manage if people login and interact with the membership system first before (or even after) sending us the money. For any assistance re membership please contact Tony or Jan

CBSubs Statistics for the period August 19 2016 to August 18 2017 

Number of subscription payments received 95

Number of subscription payments received by Paypal 58

Value of subscription payments received by Paypal $2398

Total of subscription payments $3794

Website report – Tony Marsh

The website goes into its 7th year with the same software platform from day 1 in July 2011 ie the free open source content management system called Joomla, a server based in Singapore and a series of paid for extensions creted by teams of programmers in Switzerland, Roumania and the US

Software Package Description Cost
Ubuntu server, Apache2, MySQL, PHP 5.6.30 The server platform supplied by US company Digital Ocean and physically located in SIngapore US $13.20 / month
Joomla current version 3.7.5 The content management system (database driven) backbone of the website - About Joomla - a US not for profit organisation Free
Community Builder version 2.1.3 The software that manages the database of members - created by Swiss team Joomlapolis Free
Community Builder Paid Subscriptions (CBSubs) The software that manages the subscription payment system created by Swiss team Joomlapolis - we have received 360 payments and over $14,000 via CB Subs since its introduction in 2012 $US100 / year
Paypal The software that facilitates immediate payments without entering passwords - About Paypal 2.6% of each payment
Quickbooks online  The software that keeps track of our income and expenses - Hume bank and Paypal  $60 / year
 RSEvents Pro  The event management software arguably the most important on the site - meet the eastern European RSJoomla Team  $40 / year
 RSForms Pro The online form management software including event bookings RSJoomla Team  $20 /year
RSFirewall Security software that is required to prevent hacking incidents RSJoomla Team $50 / year
RSMalta The template currently in use on the website once again provided by the RSJoomla Team $40 /year
RSMedia Gallery Photo display particularly on the clubs home page RSJoomla Team $20 / year
RSMail Newsletter creation and distribution softare RSJoomla Team $40 /year
Google We have a free domain name courtesy of Google support for not for profits and multiple gmail addresses and online storage for our membership records and event booking form procedures - oh and they also own Facebook Free
Facebook The clubs Facebook group is open to the public and has 150 "members" - a call to action button (join MVB) is required - owned by Mark Zuckerberg who is worth more in billions than his age a cool US $28 billion at age 27 - we should sign him up! or marry him off to club member Free
Flickr An on line storage medium for our photos - over 12,000 images of events since July 2011 - owned by Google $25 / year
Youtube An on line storage medium for our videos - owned by Google Free

Event management - we have simplified the booking form procedure now with a single booking form that can be used by all leaders - this was achieved with some nifty programming supported (for free) by the RSJoomla team. You may be aware that we really have two membership databases as another one is housed on Google Drive that leaders use to generate attendance / participation data. The holy graill is to be able to do that on the MVB website without needing the Google drive database and we are getting closer.

We should be proud that we have an accurate record of participation and emergency contact info for every event we have ever run (as required in our risk management policy). 

Website management down the track

You would think after 6 years I would have it off pat and be able to do it in my sleep. This is definitely not the case - all of the software components - 16 at last count - require maintenance in the form of updates and bugs - problems pop up all the time that require attention.

There are a number of duties that the website manager currently manages that could (need to) be farmed out.

Jan has already taken over membership management which is now out of my hands.

Club calendar creation - once again involves familarity with the clubs Flickr photos collection and selection of appropriate images - as I will be away for 6 weeks from Sept 2 this is probably the most urgent task that someone else needs to undertake

Software Update Payments

The biggest headache for the website manager is keeping track of payments made and getting reimbursement from the club. If anyone wants to take this aspect of the website management off my hands I would love to hear from you. 

Bulletin creation I believe is something that could easily be taken on board by a member - some training would be required - there are some short videos on the website now on how to best leverage the fabulous stash of photos on our Flickr site (Program, Leaders, Help)

HOME PAGE SLIDESHOW The programming of this is another aspect of the website that would very easily be picked up by a member. I have a mature age woman (85 years) who manages that aspect of the Friends of Chiltern website very capably thank you very much!

menu system on the website is way out of control - an audit/analysis needs to be done and recommendations for simplification made - the number of items needs reduction as its impacting on the proper functioning of the template we are using. .

Speaking of thank you's - Ive got to single out Peter Presutti for special thanks! As a founding member, tech supporter and legend Peter is a gem! And thanks to Michelle Cofts for doing such a great job on event coordination over the last 2 years.

Tony Marsh Aug 18 2017

A motion was put that the reports as tabled be accepted Move by Juanita and seconded by Di - motion carried

Election of office bearers and ordinary members of the committee

The Committee numbers will remain at 7 positions as required by our club rules because of the number of financial members as at Jan 1 2017

The executive committee comprises President, Secretary, Treasurer and Events Co-ordinator.             

Position Nominee Nominated Seconded
President  Peter Presutti  Tony Marsh Di Ross
Secretary  Di Ross  Peter Presutti Tony Marsh
Treasurer  Gayle Angel  Jenny Marsh Jan Douglas
Events Co-ordinator  Mark Withers  Tony Marsh Peter Presutti
Committee Member  Michelle Crofts  Jan Douglas Peter Presutti
Committee Member  Cheryl McCarten  Michelle Crofts Jan douglas
Committee Member  Ro Smith  Jan Douglas Peter Presutti


Election of the 2017 Committee was confirmed by Jan and seconded juanita 

Agenda Items – 2 items Notice of Motion for Changes in Club Rules in Section 9 and section 13

Section 9 of the Constitution Committee Meetings - add item u as follows

9 (u) Use of technology at committee meetings

(1) A committee meeting may be held at 2 or more venues using any technology approved by the committee that gives each of the committee’s members a reasonable opportunity to participate.

(2) A committee member who participates in a committee meeting using that technology is taken to be present at the meeting and, if the member votes at the meeting, is taken to have voted in person.

Section 13 of the Constitution Voting at General Meetings - add item e and item f as follows

13 (e) Postal or electronic ballots

(1) The association may hold a postal or electronic ballot (as the committee determines) to determine any issue or proposal (other than an appeal under clause 12).

(2) A postal or electronic ballot is to be conducted in accordance with Schedule 3 to the Regulation.

13 (f) Use of technology at general meetings

(1)  A general meeting may be held at 2 or more venues using any technology approved by the committee that gives each of the association’s members a reasonable opportunity to participate.

(2) A member of an association who participates in a general meeting using that technology is taken to be present at the meeting and, if the member votes at the meeting, is taken to have voted in person.


 The two motions were moved by Jan seconded by Tony - both motions carried on a show of hands

General Business

Club Logos Options designed and presented by Mark WIthers

 club logo option1

club logo option2

The meeting closed at 6-48pm and supper was enjoyed by all