The Murray Valley Bushwalkers commenced in July 2011 and is based in Albury Wodonga Australia.


The club offers a range of outdoor activities for members and guests with an underlying commitment to


Inclusivity - we welcome people from all groups and ages in the community


Technology - our club will leverage the communication innovations that present through the internet to offer a versatile and responsive program of activities


Flexibility - activities may be planned at relatively short notice depending on leader commitments and weather


Simplicity - we will strive to operate with as few rules and regulations as possible while implementing best practice guidelines from Bushwalking Australia

Safety - we will adopt policies that encourage the purchase and use of state of the art technology for avoiding getting lost, injured or just plain embarrassed


Accessibility - our membership rates are very reasonable and if you are an existing member of a Bushwalking club even cheaper rates apply


The club is affiliated with the Bushwalking NSW and endorses its principal objectives which are to unite all persons and organisations interested in recreational bushwalking, camping and other related outdoor activities and in particular :

To protect the interests of such persons and organisations and to extend their opportunities for participation

To actively strive for the establishment, preservation and wise management of conservation reserves, such as, national parks and wilderness areas

To promote democratic action for the preservation of recognised wilderness and primitive areas


To direct public opinion towards appreciation of the natural environment and the need for its conservation


To provide a source of information on bushwalking, camping and other related recreational activities


To maintain close liaison with a bushwalker based volunteer bush search and rescue organisation that is a recognised member of the Volunteer Rescue Association of NSW Inc.


To promote goodwill and social interaction amongst bushwalkers


To co-operate with, and to assist, other organisations and persons in the promotion of these objects


To promote legislative and administrative action for the pursuit of these objectives and to oppose any proposed legislative or administrative action that might affect them adversely.


Bushwalking NSW Inc.
PO Box 119 Newtown NSW 2042
Tel: 02 9565 4005