AGENDA – Leaders Meeting  April 30 2018


Attendance – Really need all Leaders to make the effort to attend if possible

Agenda items.

  1. Current club Event Management policy = LINK
  2. Adding an event
  3. Items to include on the event
  4. Weather
  5. Vehicle requirements
  6. Pre event briefing
  7. Leaders walking off without checking their charges

To start the ball rolling - prob be there till 1am by the looks lol

Di and Jan Bushwalking Vic leaders training report




Website new layout for Members and for Leaders

MVB Website Event management procedures

1.A well documented event example

  1. 2. A not so well documented event example - make sure ownership is for one of the trainers not one of  the leaders present
  2. 3. The Title - must include - Category of Event (preferably same working as Category field), Grade and Distance
  3. 5. Location - how to generate an accurate Google map
  4. 6. Difference between Short Description and Full Details
  5. 7. Links in event vs text copied and pasted eg for What To Bring and Grading
  6. 8. Selection of the event booking form
  7. 9. Test the booking form out make sure it works
  8. 10. Processing booking form registrations
  9. 11. Notification to MVB Events Coordinator - please use for all correspondence

Introduce the checklist webform to be completed and submitted when new event ready to go

Leaders need to have a high quality event they can duplicate

Google Drive Booking Form Usage - Part it plays in our Risk Management policy