Location: Cowombat Flat, Benambra area, Vic
Event Name:Cowombat Flat 4day walk
Leader Mick Webster
Start Date: 12/12/2018 09:00
Finish Date:15/12/2018 16:00
Member Participants: 5
Guest Participants:
Distance/Time: 25km with packs, 7km day walk
Rating:Grade 3 - Track may have short steep hill sections, a rough surface and many steps
Points of Interest: Rain! Despite that, getting to the Murray source and the first border cairn
Mobile phone reception: On drive in - none after Benambra. Very sketchy at the border cairn. (Good reception at The Pilot summit, but didnt get there)
Event Report: Wed - drove to car park on C Flat Track. Ikm walk to camp on Bulley Ck. 3 hours heavy rain in evening.

Thurs - through creek, 12km walk to C Flat along track, several heavy showers. Set up tents, then it rained steadily from 3pm to 8pm.
Fri - slightly better, managed to walk to the source (followed the recommended walking track in the AAWT book) and the cairn in dry weather.

Back to camp for lunch, went to look at gauging station, caught by thunderstorm and heavy rain. More rain overnight so we decided to abandon plan to climb The Pilot on Saturday ( also the extra 4 people weren't coming in).

An exclusion plot at the Flat, showing the effect of extreme over-grazing by feral horses...

and the erosion damage caused by horses all over the Flat, and the Alps in general...

Sat - started back in sunshine, heavy rain for an hour halfway along, back to cars about 1pm. Picked up a food stash left by a trio of Pt Macquarie walkers we'd met on Fri - they'd missed it as it was in the wrong place. Bonus food for us! Good lunch at cafe in Omeo, home about 6.30 A great trip - one I'll remember amongst the 10 or so times Ive been in to Cowombat Flat!
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