Location: Kosciuszko NT Park
Event Name:Pretty Plain Hut
Leader Iris Joss
Start Date: 27/12/2018 07:30
Finish Date:28/12/2018 15:30
Member Participants: 2
Guest Participants:
Distance/Time: 40 km, 17 hours
Rating:Grade 4 - Tracks may be long, rough and very steep
Points of Interest: The Hut on the pretty plain
Mobile phone reception: only on the 2. day on dargals trail
Event Report: Pretty Plain Hut
We stayed Wednesday night at Clover Flat Campground. 12 members of the Melbourne Bushwalking club camped there too. They went on a 4 day hike the next Day.
An early start on Thursday Morning let us enjoy a cool morning before the onslaught of the heat. Along the Dargals Trail, we passed Paton’s Hut down to the river.
The Tooma River crossing was freezing as always and the water reached above our knees.
Up the Hill and a left turn on to Hell Hole Trail. We wondered why they did not made this track closer to the river, that wold have eliminated the ups and downs.
We made good time and before midday we left this track to tackle the last 6.2 km. There is a small track all the way to the Hut which we found hard going and it took 3 hours. Very tired we arrived at Pretty Plain Hut by 4 pm.
Due to the name the Hut is on a pretty plain, and the creek is only a view steps away. A beautiful large Log-Cabin style Hut, 2 big rooms and one smaller. Peace and quiet we had it all to our self.
Since we came her to explore the decision was made to go back a different way.
Army style..0400 the alarms went off and we started walking at 0535. A week before NT parks was at the Hut so we followed there faint Tyre tracks up the hill behind the Hut. This was easy going, we came out on Strumbo Track, we took a right turn up the track and by 0800 we stood on Dargals Track were we enjoyed a magnificat view. Right turn there and the Scenic walk along Dargals began all the way to the Junction of Everard Track. Coming this way is about 10 km from the Hut to Everard Junction.
From Everard Junction to Tooma Dam would be 21.5 km, to Wheelers via Dargals around 14 km.
We rang a Friend to pick us up at the bottom of Everard Flat Trail. Warning!!! This track is pure evil, 12 km of torture, down down down it goes. There is a little respite at the bottom, a creek to cool off but don’t be fooled. There is another almost vertical climb, and an even nastier down. At least the eyes had something nice to see, a beautiful Forest and a roaring waterfall.
My final word, do not attempt, Nadia called it the Suicide hill. The aches and pains lingered for 2 days……
Photos on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/murrayvalleybushwalkers/albums/72157705400856805