Location: Kosciuszko NT Park
Event Name:Teddy' Hut
Leader Iris Joss
Start Date: 08/01/2019 08:00
Finish Date:09/01/2019 13:30
Member Participants: 3
Guest Participants:
Distance/Time: 20 km /9 hours
Rating:Grade 3 - Track may have short steep hill sections, a rough surface and many steps
Points of Interest: The Lot
Mobile phone reception: limited
Event Report: Teddy's Hut, 10 km in and 10 km out. A pleasant walk, courtesy of the Brumbies who man an easy to follow track nearly all the way. The Hut is basic with a dirt floor, so don't drop anything.... It lies at the end of a plain, beneath a steep hill.The plain basically ends there, it drops steep down in to an other valley. There is a little trickle of a creek close by but because of Pig wallows its only good for washing and cooking.
We camped the night before at Tom Groggin. Its only about 25 min. drive to Dead Horse Gap from there. We started walking along Cascades trail at 08.30, crossed the bridge and made our way along a Brumby pad a long way up from the river. Horses do not like swampy and boggy bits, so there trail led us along the tree line. Later the track followed the river before climbing up again thought some pretty snow gums. At the end of the valley and the river we climbed up and came to an other plain.The GPS showed the Hut on the left side so this was easy and it not long after we spotted the roof through the trees and arrived at 1 pm.
20 min after we set up the tents it started to rain. Nice lightning sow from the hut. The rain eventual stopped and we could do some exploring to the other side of the plain and on the way back we followed the sound of a waterfall. A small rock cave with water gushing over it.
On the way back the next morning we started on the right side of the plain, at the start of the river
we took the left side for a while before crossing over. A bit of bush bashing and back on a very good track by the river all the way to cascades trail.
Next time i would start on the track before the bride, its a very good track. One has to cross over the river aventuallly, so wading shoes would be handy.
Photos on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/murrayvalleybushwalkers/albums/72157688661277073