Location: Lighthouse Crossing Near Towong Vic
Event Name:Upper Murray Canoeing Weekend
Leader Tony Marsh
Start Date: 08/02/2019 22:00
Finish Date:10/02/2019 22:00
Member Participants: 7
Guest Participants: 0
Distance/Time: 8km paddle on Saturday and 15km paddle on Sunday
Rating:Other Event Type - This was not a bushwalk - see event report for more info
Points of Interest: Superb environment / canoeing conditions - great company!
Mobile phone reception: Excellent for the whole two days
Event Report: We had good intentions of driving up to Lighthouse Crossing on Friday but the trailer and kayaks werent available until Sat morning so everyone (almost) made the trip then. We setup camp and then drove to Towong and commenced the paddle back to the camp.

towong to lighthouse crossing feb 9 2019
We were in no hurray and the 7.6 km paddle took about 2.5 hours - we negotiated a number of fast flowing strong current bends without any mishaps and paused at a little island about half way for lunch and some photos
Superb ambience Upper Murray river
Cheryl kindly shared her lunch with the leader who had left his behind in the car!
Lunch spot Upper Murray river
It was quite windy and at times paddling in to the wind felt like paddling upstream
Upper Murray river paddlers

We had an early evening back at camp because it got quite cold - but got underway early enough on Sunday we thought for a longer paddle but in the finish didnt get underway in the water until 11-30am. The logistics of canoeing trips is a challenge!
We paddled for 4.5 hours from Bringenbrong bridge to Towong with a couple of stops en route.
bringenbrong bridge to towon feb 10 2019
The weather was perfect and amazingly we had the river entirely to ourselves - no need to remind us of how delightful paddling the Upper Murray can be
Some advice to consider
Its inevitable that a capsize will occur and therefor unsecured items can easily be lost
This includes footwar - eg crocs although light and comfortable are easily disloged in fast flowing water
If a wade over a rock strewn river bed is required, wading becomes very difficult and dangerous in bare feet
Paddles are supposed to float - however we could not locate one after a tumble
Kayaks with pedal power driving and a rudder are very susceptble to damage and loss of mobility in shallow riverbeds
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