Location: Kosciuszko NT Park,
Event Name:MT. Jagungal
Leader Mark Withers
Start Date: 22/03/2019 16:00
Finish Date:24/03/2019 09:30
Member Participants: 4
Guest Participants:
Distance/Time: 14 km 9 hours
Rating:Grade 5 - Challenging long walks for experienced bushwalkers with specialised skills
Points of Interest: getting to the Top
Mobile phone reception: sometimes
Event Report: MT Jagungal 2062m
We arrived 5 pm on Friday at Cesjacks Hut. It was raining all the way from Wodonga but by the time we arrived at the gate the rain stopped. It is a 2.3 km hike to the Hut, and thankfully we could put the tents up in the dry.
Only on Saturday after coming back from Jagungal we discovered that across from the Hut is a small track leading down to a creek. Pore Mark, we made him carry 6 Lt. of water from the river after our epic hike to the top of MT. Jagungal. 1km from the river to the Hut. He probable will never forgive us.
The night was crystal clear, and in the Morning we enjoyed a fabulous Sunrise.
Trevor, still recovering from the skin cancer removal stayed at the Hut and Mark ,Kathleen and me in tow headed off before 08.00.
It is all of track and very hard. Due to Mark's exxelent navigation we arrived on the top by 12.00.
By then it got windy and a bit of rain, but not much.
On the way back we loosely followed the coordinances from a previous walk done by Bill Krauz. This route is a bit longer but less bush bashing.It goes along a small creek,with some waterfalls, very pretty.
By 5pm wer'e back at the Hut, just in time, the weather was not so kind any moor.Trevor had lots to tell us of his stay at the Hut reading a book, Mark and Kathleen got stuck in to the read wine, I'm the boring one....Tea for me.
During the night and the next morning it rained on and off.
08.00 We put all our rain gear on to walk down to the cars, but Murphy's Law, the rain stopped.
Photos on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/murrayvalleybushwalkers/albums/72157690599856673