Location: Falls Creek - Mt Bogong
Event Name:Falls Creek To Mt Bogong and Mulhauser Camp via Grey Hills
Leader Tony Marsh
Start Date: 12/04/2019 08:00
Finish Date:15/04/2019 17:00
Member Participants: 3
Guest Participants: 0
Distance/Time: 45km over 4 days
Rating:Grade 4 - Tracks may be long, rough and very steep
Points of Interest: This walk was completed in perfect conditions - cool, very little wind and no rain for the 4 days and featured some rugged walking along the Grey Hills and stunning scenery of the Quartz Ridge of Mt Bogong.
Mobile phone reception: Surprisingly good Telstra signal for virtually the whole journey - even at the lowest spot Bogong Saddle the campsite on the second night
Event Report:

Falls Creek to Mulhauser Camp 4 day pack carry event report

Heading towards Mt Wills
A lot of people showed interest and 9 registered but at crunch time there was just the 3 of us - a very comfortable number I might add! Even so the main event issue was always going to be transport - getting to Falls Creek was facilitated by Jenny and Mick and getting home from Mulhauser camp was made possible by leaving my car there from the Thursday to the Monday - and hoping it was not stolen or trashed over the weekend!

Mul camp is about 36km from Mitta - 20km on sealed road and the last 16 on forestry roads which were in good condition however one fallen tree was required to be removed by chainsaw. Thanks to Jenny Marsh for assistance with the vehicle deployment. There are maps on how to get there on Event Page

Day 1

This was a relatively easy stroll out to just below Mt Spion Kopje and we setup camp near a trickling stream overlooking the Crows Nest - distance about 16km and ascent about 400m
Campsite near Mt Spion Kopje

Day 2

This involved a 9km walk along the Grey Hills that Shauna and I had partially recced in January. We only got as far as the descent from the Crows Nest to the first saddle - and turned back somewhat apprehensive about what was ahead - but this turned out to be the gnarliest section of the whole Grey Hills trail so get through that steep descent and your home and hosed!
Morning tea was most enjoyable in a stunning environment
Morning tea time on the Grey Hills
Royal Grevillea was in full bloom and adorned the steep slopes
Royal Grevillea
The harshness of the snow gum ghosts was tempered by the bright foliage of the alpine shrubs that have flourished since the 2003 bushfires.
Grey Hills scenery

A few times we followed false leads that would have taken us off the ridge and had to back track. The Black Possum spur track turnoff was eventually reached as was the summit of Mt Arthur not long after.
Grey Hills scenery
Overall this track is poorly defined rocky and steep in parts which made for demanding but exciting walking.
Scrub on the Grey Hills track
The descent from Mt Arthur was challenging
Progressing along the Grey Hills track- a hard to follow track kept us on our toes as we descended steeply at times to the Bogong saddle and camp for the night. The 9km had taken 7 hours including food and water stops.
Descending from Mt Arthur

Day 3

This was the day we had the big climb up the Quartz Ridge to look forward to. Parts of it (at the start particularly) ascend gently and dont really prepare you for the tough climbing ahead. And there are quite a few substantial undulations - its kind of depressing when you lose hard won altitude knowing full well you will have to regain it! We arrived at Cleve Cole hut about 5pm - 12km and about 850m of elevation gain that day.
Start of the Quartz Ridge walking track

Dwarfed by vegetation

Fantastic scenery on the Quartz Ridge walking track
Incredible vistas made the hard slog up the spur really worthwhile
Quartz Ridge Mt Bogong

Day 4

We lingered at the hut 4 buoyed by the knowledge we were to continue in a generally easterly direction along the Long Spur and not have to go back up and over Mt Bogong. Shauna took the opportunity to sign up for a Bogong Ski Club working bee over the Anzac long weekend
Cleve Cole hut
This section of the Alpine Walking Track is really delightful and it was a joy to complete the 10km section to Mulhauser camp
En route to Mulhauser camp
- and especially to see the car safe and sound. The appearance of a couple of brand new tables for picnics did seem unusual in an area that receives very few visitors - but we weren't complaining!

Comfortably appointed walking track facilities

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