Location: Kosciuszko NT Park,
Event Name:Wheeler's Hut
Leader Iris Joss
Start Date: 13/04/2019 07:00
Finish Date:14/04/2019 17:30
Member Participants: 8
Guest Participants:
Distance/Time: 20km 10 hours
Rating:Grade 3 - Track may have short steep hill sections, a rough surface and many steps
Points of Interest: The Lot, the peace and quiet, the companion
Mobile phone reception: sometimes
Event Report: Wheeler's Hut walk: On day 1 it's a lot of short ups, some a bit steep and one steep down hill.
Setting out

Day 2 is a bit longer, down to the Tooma River and across through the ever freezing water.
Tooma river crossing
Up from the river is the steepest section for this day. Then its all the way undulating to Paton's Hut for lunch.
Road to Paton Hut

The Dargals
From there 2.5 km to the cars and off to Corryong for Coffee and Cake.
We had some newbies on our annual pilgrimage to Wheeler's Hut, and as expected, no disappointment .It is a lovely spot to linger for a while and relax in this beautiful spot.

1 hour and 30 min. drive to Corryong, then 45 min to Snaky Plain trail head, to drop all the non drivers off and let them start hiking up the the mountain.3 cars went up to the tooma dam and one came back down with the drivers and Phil and Michelle from the Tumut club, the car drop takes about 15 min.

The rest of us started walking shortly after 10 am. Over half way up we met with the group but not Barbara, we wondered what did she had for brekky. We did not see her until morning tea spot on top. All the creeks and the river had plenty of water except the last one before Paton's Hut, that one ran a bit low. Lunch was somewhere on the way and we got to the Hut at around 2.30 pm. Plenty of time to put up the tents, relax and enjoy a cup of some sort of liquid. I have spotted Wine and Beer, the boring ones like me settled for Tea.

When dinner time came along it was almost like MKR, Phil would win the price, he put us all to shame, while most of us poured the boiling water in to our hydrated meals. Oh well, we carried less weight.

The Hut has a good fire place, no smoke, and big enough for the whole group to play a game of cards.
A lovely crisp morning no rush to go, but eventually we started moving out after 09.20.
Perfect hiking weather again. Lunch at Paton's Hut and back at the cars at 2.30 pm.
Congratulation to Gayle, well done for the first overnight hike.Hope there will be many more.
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