Murray Valley Bushwalkers Website Maintenance Log


Date Task Comments Author
June 16 2011 Website provisioned by hosting service  Fluccs Australia setup cpanel for creation and management of website  
June 17 2011 Instance of Joomla 1.6.3 created using cpanel tool Softaculous First time Ive used Softaculous to generate a Joomla 1.6 website Tony
June 18-25 Artisteer 3.0 software used to generate templates for new site Many problems getting Artisteer templates to work - missing menus Tony
June 20 CB 1.4 installed   Tony

June 27

Finally got main menu to work in a modified version of the fruit store template

Solution was found on the Artisteer website

June 28 Activities articles generated    Tracey
June 29 CB Registration module in place and working, JCE editor installed, pay subs by direct deposit article created Temporary bank account at Hume BS Tony
June 29 First backup of website performed Home directory backup was 16mb Tony
June 30 Delegation of DNS to the domain name completed and website live tested - problem with site being served from a sub folder and not the root identified Research on how to resolve this problem Tony
July 1 Issue with website being served from the correct folder (public_html) resolved All files in joomla16 folder moved to public html and configuration.php edited Tony
July 1 Akeeba backup module installed and tested Seemed to work fine - good documentation Tony
July2 Reformatting of various pages on the website performed to maintain clean html code Constitution and membership fees pages Tony
July 2