Just been going through the membership process by creating an imaginary member - Mr Xanadu Adieu - I think it works the way its setup now ie people get asked to pay as soon as they have lodged a registration form and before they get their registration login approved 
This is what happened
1. Mr Adieu registered username xan and after submission was dropped into the payment screen
your membership for payment
2. If he chose Paypal and completed the process its game over. However sadly in this case he chose to Pay Offline
3. regardless of his payment status the system generates an Invitation to Join email to xan and a copy of this email goes to the membership manager
Hello Xanadu Adieu, assets.mvb@gmail.com,

Thanks for registering on the MVB website

Once your registration is approved you will receive another email advising that you are then able to login to the website with the username and password you provided at registration

You will be directed to the Subscriptions info.  if you haven't already taken steps to pay a subscription fee you can activate your subscription plan and make a payment.

Please note if you are eligibile for discount membership this will only appear when the final invoice is generated.


Membership Officer

Murray Valley Bushwalkers Inc 
 4. Approval given and confirmed by admin - another email to xan saying he can now login
Welcome Xanadu Adieu, Your application to join MVB has been approved. Your account with the following details: Email: assets.mvb@gmail.com Name: Xanadu Adieu Username: xan has been activated. We welcome you to the club and trust you will enjoy the experience! Kind Regards, Secretary Murray Valley Bushwalkers Inc
5. Xan logs in and if his offline payment hasnt been processed as paid he gets the payment screen again - and a warning that he already has a payment basket in place and does he want to pay twice! - this is good but to avoid paying twice he now has to press Cancel payment button 
payment basket pending
The membership manager accesses paid subscriptions, baskets and has the opportunity to mark the subscription as paid 
cbsubs payment basket marked as paid
6. If not paid back on the home page and logged in xan gets an unpaid subscription reminder - poor bugger starting to get confused I think! the sooner we process the offline payment the better - Im thinking that we should probably mark offline payments as paid asap even before money is in the bank - if it doesnt materialize its easy to delete the subscription and payment - we dont lose money out of it cos we never got it in the first place!
unpaid subscription
7. Once The basket is marked as paid and when xan logs in he is shown his profile 
xan subscription tab after basket paid
xan payment basket