Event cancelled - Snow Shoe Hike Brabralung Trail: Dinner Plain to Hotham, Day hike, Grade 3, 12 km, and overnight backpacking

From August 10, 2019 1:00 pm until August 11, 2019 5:00 pm
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dinner plain mile high trail run map

 Arrive at JB hut Saturday afternoon 
JB Hut is located on JB Plain, just 2km west of Dinner Plain, approximately 250m from the Great Alpine Road.  The hut was relocated to JB Plain in the 1970’s and is believed to have been built in the late 1940’s.  It was possibly a forestry hut in the Swifts Creek

Overnight camp 

You can park vehicles at Dinner Plain and walk 1.4km to JB Hut or park cars on side of road and walk less than 1km to Hut.


Brabralung Trail: Dinner Plain  Day hike

Grade of Walk: Grade 3,

Distance: 12km return

Start Time: 9am jb hut

Time: 8 hrs

Gradient: Mostly level with some gradual Steep sections

Quality of Path: Good compacted gravel surface

Steps: Elevated walkway at Paw Paw Plain

Experience required: No bushwalking experience Required


Mandatory Gear for overnight camping- Season 3-4 tent, sleeping bag, mat for Alpine conditions, Food, cooking gear

Note: Huts in alpine areas are intended for emergency use only and you should not plan to sleep in them or use the emergency firewood.

Walkers must be self-sufficient with food, water, first aid and camping gear, however can purchase items at General Store hotham if opened, head light, Rain gear, thermal top, sun hat, beanie, gloves, map, space blanket, extra snacks, personal first aid, water purification tablets, whistle

Mobile phone reception – Reception in spots


Walk this ancient mountain pathway that runs parallel to the Great Alpine Road through the Alpine National Park, linking the Hotham resort to Dinner Plain.  Learn of the past, understand the present and discover the future aspirations of the Aboriginal first peoples of the alps.  The trail features interpretive signs highlighting the Indigenous association with the high country.   Panoramic views of the high country are also found with  numerous areas to rest and picnic along the way.

This multi purpose trail meanders through Snow Gum woodland and open snow plains, making it a very pleasant walk or cycle. Liking Dinner Plain to Hotham resort, the trail features panoramic views of the High Country. There are numerous areas to  rest and picnic along the way. JB Plain was named after Jim Brown, who in 1850 brought cattle into the alpine area.



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