Ride Benalla - Cycling Day (6.5h+travel=10h) Grade 3

From December 21, 2018 8:00 am until 2:30 pm

Event: Cycle Benalla's easiest and most popular ride, then art gallery treat, and street art.

Start time: 6.30am Albury train station
End time: 4pm Albury train station

Time from: 8am Benalla train station (0635H from Albury)
Time to: 2.25pm Benalla train station (1550H to Albury)

Purpose: Easy riding on fairly flat roads in the Goulburn - Broken River Lowlands.
From the art gallery we will explore the township together.

Start time, second half, town centre: around midday from the Art Gallery.

Total distance: 24km + up to around 6km.
Meet at: Benalla Train Station, train pauses for passengers at Wangaratta, Springhurst, Chiltern, Wodonga, and Albury.


Summary: Ride 24km on shared road. Then visit the Benalla Art Gallery followed by a quick tour of the town's street art that is enhanced each year by the Wall-To-Wall Festival. 

Equipment: Bring your bicyclehttps://www.enjoybenalla.com.au/listing/wall-to-wall-festival-bena/water bottle, whistle, sunblock, insect repellant, transport and money cards, and maintenance kit.

Details: Only twenty five minutes from Wangaratta, Benalla is a town to explore and relax in.

The Emu Bridge Loop follows a creek (South parallel to the Broken River) out of and circumnavigates into Benalla township.

The Loop is on Kilfeera Road, Samaria Road over the creek and under the Hume Freeway, Tatong-Moorngag Road, Emu Bridge Road, and back into town parallel with the creek on Kilfeera Road.

Not far from Winton Wetlands, expect to see birds.

Easy riding on fairly flat roads in the Goulburn-Broken River Lowlands.

From the Benalla Art Gallery, we will explore the township together.

Immerse your thoughts in history passing buildings that have story plates.

Take a guided tour of the town's incredible street art.

The legacy of the annual Wall to Wall street art festivals sees works by internationally renowned artists feature prominently on buildings and other public structures around the town.

See the excellent permanent collection of Australian works spanning 19th Century colonial to 21st century contemporary art.

Pause beside the central lake in beautiful parks and gardens.

The perfect place to rest under a shady tree after a great ride.

 A "gateway to the High Country's finest food, wine, nature, and cycling experiences, Benalla is a creative hub in its own right for visual artists." Enjoy!

From Melbourne / Seymour trains arrive Benalla at 9.30am.

Meet at the Benalla Art Gallery Open 10-5pm, closed Tuesdays.

To Melbourne trains depart Benalla 1617H on XPT, or 1843H. Book and check you own train times.

The RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride toured from Bright to Benalla from Saturday 24th November to Sunday 2nd December. Many cyclists would have finished their big ride in Benalla, having ridden the last 52km from Glenrowan. 

So they will be used to bicycle activity in Benalla.

Reference: "Ride High Country Guide", page 49.  [Claire Sandford, 15Feb2018]


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