Day Walks at Currango Homestead Kosciusko National Park - Grade 3/4

From March 08, 2019 7:30 am until March 12, 2019 10:00 am
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Car Camping at OLD Snowy Camp which is about 10 km from Daffodil Cottage where 5 of us are staying.

Only Car camp avilable at this stage.

We need tor bring drinking water

We will try to visit Bill Jones Hut, Hainsworth Hut, Circuits and Schofield Hut.

Depart my place 07.30
not suitable for low clearance 2 wheel drive cars

Event Gradings


Suitable for most ages and fitness levels. Some bushwalking experience recommended. Track may have short steep hill sections, a rough surface and many steps.


Bushwalking experience recommended. Tracks may be long, rough and very steep. Directional signage may be limited. 

What to bring for Day Walking

  • Current Medical Information Form FOUND ON THE WEBSITE HERE
  • Water - up to 2 litres recommended for a full day walk
  • Sunscreen
  • Gloves and hat
  • Sufficient food bearing in mind the distance and duration of the event 
  • Suitable clothing and footwear - note denim pants are uncomfortable
  • Wet weather waterproofs, jacket and pants
  • Walking poles
  • Gaiters
  • Basic first aid kit including your specific medication eg asthma applicator
  • Torch or headlamp for contingencies 

Car Camping

As for Day Walks and / or Day Walking in the Alps