Kangaroo Hoppet practice ski. 10km, 2h, grade 2-4.

Starting on August 23, 2019
Categories: CrossCountrySkiing

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Train for this iconic event which is one of only two in the southern hemisphere of the World Loppet series of international ski races.

You have a choice of 3 courses varying in length from 7km to 42km and since 2014 there are pouch events!



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Participation award for teams in the Hoppet if there's at least five members skiing any three of the events. 
When you register for the race event, please
choose Kangaroo Hoppet, Birkebeiner, or Joey Hoppet. 
Enter more details, check yes for Snowracer insurance. 
Under the emergency contact details there is the section for Participation award.
Select yes for "Are you a member of a ski club/organisation?"
Then select "Other" and type Murray Valley Bushwalkers Inc. 
Follow on and complete your registration. 
I recommend booking the bus early because $10 up and down the mountain is a bargain.
To teams from the Hoppet organisers. 
"We have made it easier for you to enter a team 
This year it is easier for you to enter a team, simply select or add your Ski Club/Organisation or school from the drop down menu as you enter.
A participation award will be given out to teams with 5 members or more taking part in any combination of the 3 events.
The cut off date for team entries is the 21st August."
Also I might add that the Early Bird Entry is usually until 30th June. 
Confirm your choice of accommodation.

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Click here to see the  Full Hoppet Track on a geolocation interactive map.