Weekend Camping and Canoeing Upper Murray - Grade 3 - Canoeing x 2 days (13km and 10km)

From February 08, 2019 8:00 am until February 10, 2019 5:00 pm
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Camping and Canoeing on the Upper Murray River 

About 30 km from the beautiful small country town of Walwa on the Victorian side of the upper Murray River you will find the Lighthouse Crossing Reserve Campground. We will meet there on the Friday evening or the Saturday morning by 9am - its where the C546 label is on the image below.

lighthouse crossing reserve

From Albury Wodonga it will take you approximately 2 hours to get there depending on the route you take. Google Maps will provide you with the information - follow this link

Camping is free at Lighthouse Crossing Reserve - there are no facilities however so we will come equipped with all the gear we have at Bundalong ie toilets, tables, gazebo etc

Cost of kayak, pfd and paddle hire for the weekend is $50

A 15 km one way paddle is planned for the Saturday. We will drive to and then put the boats in at Bringenbrong bridge and paddle downstream to Towong. On the Sunday we will consider paddling from Towong to Lighthouse Crossing 9km - a decision will be made after reviewing the progress made on Saturday, the weather and the river levels.

Saturday Paddle - Bringenbrong Bridge to Towong 13km

Bringenbrong to Towong to Lighthouse Crossing

Sunday Paddle - Towong to Lighthouse Crossing Reserve - 10km

Here is a description of last years paddle where we started at Lighthouse reserve an paddled to Tintaldra






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