Corowa to Yarrawonga Rafting/Canoeing Grade 3 - 3 days

From March 09, 2019 9:00 am until March 11, 2019 5:00 pm
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This trip is a little different. If you enjoy the water, adventure, and a rough couple of days then look at this one. We are planning to travel the Murray River from Corowa to Yarrawonga with a home made raft with a motor. Yes it goes, is registered and safe and can carry up to ten people. If you would like to kayak then that is an option with your gear carried and we can meet up at night. At any time you can take time out and get a lift and enjoy the scenery on the go. We will take a speed boat for a bit of fun on the way when the river opens up and skiing is possible. There are some logistics to work through with trailers and cars however this can be organised simply enough. The only cost is fuel and you can make a contribution if you want, we are going anyway and happy to take others along. We plan to leave by 10am Saturday and be back by Monday afternoon.
Please call David Findlay on 0447 526 916 if you would like to know more or discuss how it might work.  

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