Leap up Bogong the Hard Way, overnight bushwalk 25km Grade 4-5

From February 29, 2020 7:03 am until March 01, 2020 5:03 pm
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This walk will leave from just below Clover Dam on the Falls Creek road, after a  car shuttle. Crossing the E Kiewa River we climb to the old tramway/water race and eventually to the East Kiewa Track and Bogong Saddle, then up Quartz Ridge , carrying water for an overnight camp at Stirling Gap near West Peak.Possibly wander along to Bogong summit if we have any energy left. Day 2 we climb West Peak, admire the view, then slither down the steep rocky bits of the West Ridge to Little Bogong and further down to Moncrieffs Track and out to Mountain Creek, where the cars will be, hopefully. Map here - NOTE - for safety reasons this walk will only go ahead if at least 4 participants sign on a week beforehand, and turn up on the day ....Bogong walk

What to bring - https://murrayvalleybushwalkers.org.au/index.php/risk-management/event-management#WhatToBring

Event Gradings - https://murrayvalleybushwalkers.org.au/index.php/risk-management/event-management#EventGradings

Distances and altitudes - Road 0km 605m  River 0.2km 556m  Bogong Saddle 10km 1300m Camp at Stirling Gap 4km 1910m  West Peak 0.2km 1962m  Little Bogong 2km 1661m Mountain Creek 9km 590m