Mt Bogong Conquestathon Grade 4 Backpack

Mt Bogong Conquestathon Grade 4 Backpack

From March 07, 2020 8:00 am until March 08, 2020 5:00 pm

At Mountain Creek Campground

Posted by Jan Douglas


Conquestathon athletes

Hi All

This event is to offer support to the Lions Club of Mount Beauty in running the annual Conquestathon event on the Sunday of the Labour Day weekend in March. The club substantially benefits financially from this event and this will be the fourth time we have been involved.

I will not be leader for this event,  this is a notice of intent as the weekends are filling up fast so far ahead,  we need at least 4 members or friends to help on the summit  from 6am ...

The runners/walkers leave Mountain Creek camp ground and take the Staircase to the summit, return via Eskdale spur,  approx 20km round trip. 

We are needed on Mt Bogong summit overnight on the Saturday to report conditions etc for the Sunday and to supervise runners to make sure they go in the correct direction ie: back down Eskdale Spur.

A chilly chat around the tent site

We will drive to Granite Flat Spur if possible otherwise Camp Creek, walk up Eskdale spur track on the Saturday, then follow the last runner/walker back down on the Sunday.

There may be a need for some of our group to sweep back down the Staircase, the rest will sweep down Eskdale Spur to Camp Creek.  The Lake Hume Amateur Radio Club will be supplying operators at Michelle Hut, Bivovac Hut, Camp Creek, the operators will be controlled from Mountain Creek Camp Ground. If the weather is kind to us as it usually is the sunset and sunrise experience on Mt Bogong is well worth the hike. 

Sunset on Mt Bogong

If you want more info,  give Peter Presuttie a call  

If you want to participtate in the event as a runner follow this LINK


WHAT TO BRING - Refer to the For Alpine Condtions


Peter Presutti  0417 441137