Roof top Run or Bogong to Hotham Run Grade from 1 to 5

On January 10, 2015
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On the weekend of the 10th and 11th Jan 2015 the annual Roof top Run is on. The runners start from Mountain Creek camping ground 6am and the winner arrives at Mt Hotham about 2pm and the last person in about 7pm.  The local Albury Wodonga Amateur Radio Club provides communication backup at various checkpoints on the 62km route. If anyone wants to help out please give our support coordinator Greg Sargeant a call on  0427215438  or 02 60268948 or email or myself on 0417441137   email

Helping out could mean driving to a check point (very few), hiking in or at some locations or overnight backpacking. Water, fruit and sweets will be dropped in by race organisers for us to distribute to and assist runners with topping up their water bladders etc.

 My checkpoint is normally Derrick Hut  a mere 5k hike form Locke Car Park, Hotham Summit.  I stay and walk out with the last runner.. You are very welcome to join me for the day,  or if want you could walk down to Dibbins Hut checkpoint and walk back up with Doug who also follows the last runner.

Take the time to watch this video its awesome.


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PS Please you would need to commit and register with Greg Sargeant as an official supporter.  or come with me and register below.