Bogong High Plains Grade 3 Backpacking

From January 24, 2016 7:00 pm until January 27, 2016 4:00 am

If you are lucky enough to have the Monday off work prior to Australia Day this might suit you

We will join with Hans day walking group to Mt Jim on Sunday Jan 24 leaving cars at Pretty Valley

On Sunday we will carry heavy packs - they wont!

But when it comes to heading north back to the cars at Pretty Valley after Mt Jim we will head south to Young Hut - a pack carry of 10km

The plan is to spend two nights at Young hut

Monday if conditions are favorable we will complete an 18km day walk by heading south east and then down the Paling spur to the Cobungra River

We will then cross the river and head up the Swindler Creek cross over a saddle and back into the Cobungra river valley and on to Dibbins Hut Ji

From Dibbins hut we will climb up and over Basalt Temple  via the Alpine Walking Track and then at the pole junction head south east back to Young Hut

On Tuesday we will head back to Pretty Valley and drive home


 young hut paling spur dibbins hut route

Parks Vic Notes available on this LINK

This is a Grade 3 backpack walk and a Grade 4 day walk

For walk grades in alpine conditions click here.

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