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Dinner Plain Short Grade 3-4 Walks and 2 nights camping

From February 01, 2019 12:30 pm until February 03, 2019 3:30 pm
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dinner plain montane walking track
FridaY Afternoon Arrive at JB hut
JB Hut is located on JB Plain, just 2km west of Dinner Plain, approximately 250m from the Great Alpine Road.  
 All walks will start from JB Hut

All walks will start from JB Hut



START TIME - 9AM    Please take Lunch


Precipice Plain Walk  
Grade of Walk:  Grade 4

Distance:  9km

return Time:   3 hours

Gradient:   Mostly level with some gradual steep sections on the entry and exit

Quality of Path:   Mostly formed track, with some obstacles

Steps:   Occasional steps

Experience required: Some bushwalking experience recommended

Walk along the Dinner Plain 4WD Track though Snow Gum woodlands and grassy plains to the rim of high cliffs at the edge of Precipice Plain and overlooking Precipice Creek. Precipice Plain is a unique geological feature which lies 4km south of Dinner Plain. With its spectacular outlook across the remote Dargo Valley, this is a great place to enjoy sunset in the high country and soak up fresh mountain air and cool breezes in summer.
From Dinner Plain, the Dinner Plain Track starts at the Great Alpine Road at the western boundary of the village. After about 1km a side track is available to Carmichael Falls via a 2km return walk. The falls are well worth a visit with twin cascades plunging over a 25m basalt cliff to the Precipice Creek below (for more information, see Carmichael Falls track note).
The Dinner Plain Track follows the ridgeline of the Great Dividing Range from Dinner Plain, beyond Precipice Plain and down to Mayford Spur above the Dargo River. The road reserve was widened after back-burning during the 2013 bushfires, creating a permanent firebreak. The western edge of Precipice Plain drops almost vertically to a narrow valley below that joins the Dargo Valley. Mt. Tabletop is directly opposite and there are sweeping views of the Dargo catchment.
The Montane Track – another fine walking trail from Dinner Plain - parallels the road near Precipice Plain and two access points are clearly marked, offering a return option to Dinner Plain for walkers or bikers wishing to complete a (much longer) trail loop (see Montane Walking Trail track notes)



Carmichael falls Walk 
Grade of Walk:  Grade 3

Distance:  2km return  

Return Time:   1.5 hours

Gradient:   Some gradual steep sections

Quality of Path:   Mostly formed track, with some     

obstacles Steps:   Occasional steps

Experience required: Some bushwalking experience recommended

Walking Track Heading off from the Dinner Plain 4WD Track on the southern border of Dinner Plain village, this clearly marked trail, within the Alpine National Park, descends through Snow Gum forest to a viewing platform overlooking the picturesque Carmichael Falls.
Dropping 25 metres over basalt cliffs, the falls are in the headwaters of Precipice Creek and the Dargo River, among the many waterways feeding the major catchments arising at the Dinner Plain plateau. The actual falls are in fact two falls side by side at the confluence of the Precipice and Dinner Plain Creeks which rise in the alpine bogs of the Dinner Plain Village.



START TIME - 9AM    Please take Lunch


Dead Timber Hill walk

Grade of Walk:  Grade 3

Distance:  4km

Time:   2 hour

Gradient:   Mostly level with some gradual steep sections

Quality of Path:   Mostly formed track, with some obstacles

Steps:   Occasional steps Experience required: Some bushwalking experience recommended 

An enjoyable walk that passes through snow gum forests out to an open view. The walk takes you out to a rocky mountain outcrop with vast views over the ranges, including across to Mount Hotham. It makes for a nice location during sunrise or sunset.

The Dead Timber Hill walk leaves from near JB Plain on the northern side of the Great Alpine Road, where you will find a small car park. It is 4 km return. However, you can walk this trail as a loop that is also 4vkm by leaving directly from Dinner Plain Alpine Village. To do this, follow the Brabralung Trail from Dinner Plain for 1.8 km to JB Plain and cross the road to the Dead Timber Hill Trail. Follow it south, exiting at the Room With A View walking trail, and cross the road back into Dinner Plain.



Room with a View  
Grade of Walk:  Grade 3

Distance:  3km

Time:   1 hour

Gradient:   Mostly level with some gradual steep sections

Quality of Path:   Mostly formed track, with some obstacles

Steps:   Occasional steps Experience required:

Some bushwalking: experience recommended 

A short distance from Dinner Plain, this lovely trail is aptly named and follows a gentle trek through Snow Gum forest and blooming wildflower meadows, ultimately rewarding walkers with spectacular, uninhibited views of Mount Hotham, Mount Feathertop, Bogong High Plains and the Cobungra River.
Starting from Dinner Plain Hut, follow Fitzy’s Cirque to the sign marking the crossing point to the northern side of the Great Alpine Road and the track leading to the Forest Walks trailhead which serves three walks – Room with a View, Montane Walking Trail and Dead Timber Hill (see separate track notes). The Room with a View walk initially follows a slightly undulating trail then flattens out.
The track heads north along the eastern flanks of Dead Timber Hill. After 0.5km it drops gently down to a grassy plain and veers west to a marker that designates the track loop. Most walkers prefer to keep to the left route as it descends through snow grass and drops through the Snow Gums to a small clearing - here is the ‘room with a view’.  Directly ahead in the middle ground is the Cobungra River valley. In the distance the mountain range provides a spectacular backdrop, especially before mid-morning on a clear day when the Mt. Hotham ski field lifts are visible and Mt. Feathertop, Victoria’s second highest peak [1922m], towers over the landscape like an eagle in flight. The panorama of the Bogong High Plains also takes in Mt. Jim and Basalt Temple, unusual table-topped hills of basaltic blocks whose highly magnetic composition cause magnetic anomalies with compasses.
The track loop continues north along the contour and back up to the marker on the open plain from where it returns to the Forests Walks trailhead.

Weather conditions can change rapidly, and snowfalls and blizzards can occur at any time of the year.

Be prepared with:

Overnight camp

You can park vehicles at Dinner Plain and walk 1.4km to JB Hut or park cars on side of road and walk less than 1km to Hut.

CAR POOLING - Available from Wodonga $25 p.p able to take 2 people, dept 12noon

Mandatory Gear for overnight camping- Season 3-4 tent, sleeping bag, mat for Alpine conditions, Food, cooking gear

Note: Huts in alpine areas are intended for emergency use only and you should not plan to sleep in them or use the emergency firewood.


Walkers must be self-sufficient with

food, water, first aid and camping gear,

Mandatory gear - for Alpine hiking – head light, thermal top, sun hat, beanie, gloves, map, space blanket, personal first aid, water purification tablets, whistle

Mobile phone (reception in some areas)
Caution Bushfires have damaged snowgums, which are now regenerating but dead branches are shedding with the new growth. 

High wind days may result in falling limbs and branches.