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190127 Cycle Tawonga Gap. 5h, 30km, grade 5.

From January 27, 2019 7:00 am until 1:00 pm
Categories: Cycling


Road ride Tawonga South to Bright, 30km one way. This is on the Australia Day weekend when serious cyclists compete in, at least participate in, the 250km Alpine Classic. Not being part of that event, we will go at our own speed and share a road that may have more cyclists than motorists on the day.

Equipment: Bicycle, helmet, water, whistle, money.

Details: Meet at the park opposite the Old Tawonga general store 52 Kiewa Valley Highway, open 7am-7pm. 
Ride approximately 30km to Bright via Tawonga Gap.

All bushwalkers, skiers, paddlers, cyclists, and generally fit people are welcome.

Tawonga Gap topographical map

Cycling For single half day or full day cycling events consider bringing Current Medical Information Form .

Puncture repair kit including pump
Water bottles
Sufficient food bearing in mind the distance and duration of the event
Suitable clothing and footwear - note denim pants are uncomfortable
Wet weather waterproofs
Basic tools for bicycle maintenance
Basic first aid kit including your specific medication eg asthma applicator
Torch or headlamp for contingencies
It is responsibility of each member to update this information if there is a change in details.