Using the Clubs Garmin Etrex 10

garmin etrex10


Charging the GPS


The club has a AA size battery charger and its always a good idea to enure tha the batteries required for the GPS are fully charged and correctly installled.


Connecting to Satellites

You must allow sufficient time before commencing an activity that relies on gps technology to enable the device to find the satellies it needs to communicate with.


To Create a Waypoint


You can save your current location as a waypoint.
1. Select Mark Waypoint.
2. Select an option.
To save the waypoint without changes, select done.
To make changes to the waypoint
Select an item to edit, And select done.


To Find a Waypoint


1. Select Where To? > Waypoints.
2. Select a waypoint.

Editing a Waypoint

Before you can edit a waypoint, you must create a waypoint.
1. Select Waypoint Manager.
2. Select a waypoint.
3. Select an item to edit.
4. Enter the new information.
5. Select Done.

Deleting a Waypoint
1. Select Waypoint Manager.
2. Select a waypoint.
3. Select menu > Delete > Yes.


Trip Computer


The trip computer displays your current speed, average speed, maximum speed, trip odometer, and other helpful statistics.

Resetting the Trip Data


For accurate information, reset the trip information before beginning a trip.


Select Trip Computer > menu > Reset > Reset Trip Data > Yes.


All of the trip computer values are set to zero.


Using the Clubs Garmin Etrex 10 to Record and Save a Track


Recording Tracks Logs


1. Select Setup > Tracks > Track Log
2. Select Record, Show on Map. (A line on the map indicates your track).
3. Select Record Method
4. Select the Auto option
5. Select Record Interval.
6. Select the default option (mid-range)

As you move with the device turned on, a track log is created.


Saving the Current Track


The track being recorded is called the current track.
   1. Select Track Manager > Current Track.
   2. Select Save Track.


Clearing the Current Track

Select Setup > Reset > Clear Current Track > Yes


Deleting a Track
   1. Select Track Manager
   2. Select a track.
   3. Select Delete > Yes