MVB Leaders Training Event  July 15 2017 - Report

Event Details can be found here


  1. Introduction – Tony quoted from the last AGM Event Coordinator’s report to put MVB event management into context
  2. There were 116 events available and 851 participants enjoyed a diverse range of activities which is an average of an incredible 2.3 activities per week for every week of the year.


Number of Events


Ten pin bowling






Snow shoeing/skiing



Multi day events backpacking/car camping



Day walks









  1. History of MVB Leadership training –
    1. VNPA Tracey-Anne Hooley Baranduda Weekend in Oct 2012 - click here for details
    2. Mick Webster Warby Ovens NP Bush Navigation Oct 2013 - click here for details
    3. Tony and Peter Leaders Update Nov 2014 - click here for details
    4. Event Creations and associated requirements were discussed – the notes re event creation in the link below have been updated July 10 2017

-and ensuring you GRADE your event plus add a link to What to Bring list

  1. The importance of booking sheets and guest registration – were discussed – current MVB policy can be viewed by checking out the following link

Generating an electronic booking sheet - and carrying copies of printed blank guest registrations sheets for anyone who has not booked in through the website – available on the Google drive booking form

  1. When things go wrong

First Aid – members reminded that the club will pay for 50% of first aid training 

The importance of Personal Members Medical info card (carried by each member indicating contact and medical info eg Allergies etc) was discussed and leaders need to know where medical staff could find it

Apps available for Android and IOS smart phone

Emergency Plus - this app shows lat and long  and necessary phone numbers

Handy GPS app - free or pay about 6 dollars - (Load to your smart phone) free is good enough

ICE - In Case of Emergency - App is visible even if phone locked

Club policy re walking in Bush-fire danger periods discussed – policy not currently on the website

  1. Club assets – there is a sheet of all club assets and their value in the MVB Booking Form document on Google Drive
  2. General discussion
  3. Map and compass use - many types of maps, scales and the various datum in use
  4. Look at the site below which has a calculator of time taken for a walk

  1. Check wording for Fire Ban days
  2. Canoeing floods when to cancel
  3. Grades 4 and 5 walks maybe recommend eg poles and space blankets
  4. Questions to potentially ask newbies or members if not aware of experience, fitness levels etc
    1. Have you done this type of activity before?
    2. If so how recently?
    3. What gear do you have and how appropriate is it? See What To BringBring on the website
    4. What level of fitness and previous canoeing/walking/skiing/cycling history do you have
    5. Ambulance cover?
    6. Any medical conditons that the leader should be aware of
    7. Any first aid training
  5. Using a whistle to contact people in front
  6. Assets and stated value on Google Drive to be updated
  7. Suggestion of a Meet and Greet event for new and potentially new members proposed
  8. Highly recommended that members have additional ambulance cover – see this article on the walk to The Rock Feb 2013
  9. Suggestion made that a checkbox for ambulance cover be incorporated into member and event registration
  10. Dummy spits and how to deal with them – sometimes caused by dehydration – a few case studies were discussed


Practical Navigation With Map and Compass

Follow directions to find flags using provided map and compass - group exercise

Course over several km, mostly off track and will cross over the white box walking track.

Its a loop and you will have find yourself back at the start (we hope)

The map will have the flag locations – your task is to work out a compass bearing from each flag to the next one.

Photos of the Event on The clubs flickr site

 cyanide dam orienteering maps

gps route training walk